NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo

Greetings to all you Hunters, Shooters and Bloggers out there

Over the last few years the “Gun Accessory” business has gone ahead in “Leap’s & Bounds” with ton’s & ton’s of “Tactical” gear, clothing, guns & equipment flooding onto the open market. Some of it is excellent kit, some is pretty average kit and some is downright “Rubbish’. So is seems that the “Rule-of-Thumb” is – you do get what you pay for…………….(Pay Good Money = Get Good Gear, Pay Cheap Money = Get Cheap Gear) People all over the world seem to be buying up Tactical gear & guns by the Truck Load!!! and from what I can observe, one of the main reasons, is that people (Guy’s & Gal’s) of all ages, are getting hooked on “GAMING” not only online computer gaming but Real Life Scenario Gaming……………..Paint Ball, Softair and Nerf Gaming and the great thing about this is that in most countries you dont need a firearms license to own and do it. So not only can you go out and shoot people but after the game you can all go out to the pub together and no one got hurt, then you can do it allover again the following weekend……………….Fantastic!!! You can also collect them, Re Enactors are using them in displays, Steam-Punk folks are turning them into Steam-Punk Guns, Film industries are using them instead of expensive real guns…………..The list of uses is endless.

So my fellow Shooters & Gamers, you might be asking yourselves about now………”What the Hell has all this got to do with the NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo ~ B66/C???” …..……… Everything my friends, everything! It doesn’t matter whether you are a Shooter, a Hunter, a Gamer, a Prepper, a Warrior or a Zombie Hunter, most of you are going to have a scope set-up on one or several of your rifles. Well look no further……..Have I got a deal for you!!!!! (Said the insurance salesman to the prostitute) This is the set-up that you can use 24-7, day or night. Not only do you get a Compact Scope, for daylight use, you get a powerful Green Laser and a compact Flashlight for your night time Op’s, one piece of kit for night and day??? you bet!!! Why muck around with putting accessories all over your rifle when you can have them all together in one compact unit??? Keeping in mind that this set-up is not really intended for a long range rifle that you intend on shooting targets from 300 mtrs out to 1000 mtrs. Neither the fixed 4 x power scope, the Laser or the Flashlight have the range for those distances.

No, my fellow Shooters & Gamers, this Tactical set-up is designed for the rifle that you will use for CQB scenarios, F.I.B.U.A. (Fighting In Built Up Areas) Jungle Warfare, Zombie Hunting, Airsoft & Paintball Gaming, Small Game Hunting and the such like…………………..When things get Fast & Furious, Night or Day, this is the Scope Set-up that covers all the bases and lets face it – Those with a Tactical Advantage, usually get to live and fight another day!!! So lets see what you get with the NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo ~ B66/C. -

1) The “Top-Of-The-Range” NcStar Mk3 Tactical Scope ~ B66 with 4 x Fixed Power, P4 Sniper, Red & Green Illuminated Reticle that comes with “Target Turret Knobs” for windage and elevation adjustment and has a built in Bullet Drop Compensator.

2) The whole system sits on a very solid, full length, “Quick Release Weaver Mount” that is easily operated with your thumb and designed for a 2.5 sec put on or take off. (No more undoing screws with a screwdriver or mounts coming loose under recoil)

3) The Compact Flashlight that puts out 35 Lumens of bright white light and will mount up on either side of the scope giving you the advantage of instant bright light at the flick of a switch, turning the darkest place into brilliant sunlight.

4) The Powerful, Compact Green Laser that puts out < 5mw power and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. This will put you right on target at the flick of a switch which will help your speed when engaging multiple targets.

So now you get to “Go Hard & Go Home” with the Tactical Advantage of the NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo ~ B66/C on your rifle.

Happy Hunting………………………………The “Quartermaster”

NcStar M1 Carbine Scope Mount

A Warm Wintery Welcome to all you Bloggers

A lot of you shooters and collectors out there, will at one time or other have come across, or still have in your collection an iconic US WWII rifle/carbine called the M1 Carbine. And a few of you will have actually had the opportunity (like myself) of having the privilege and pleasure of firing one and realizing what a fantastic little rifle this is…………….No wonder the US Troops in the Pacific Theatre loved this carbine as it was light to carry compared to the Garand or the BAR, you could carry lots more ammo compared to the heavy 30.06 round, but is still a .30 cal round with good “Knock-Down” capabilities over a short range, was easy to operate (practically idiot proof) and was a very reliable piece of equipment, which was a bonus in the wet & dirty jungle environment. The M1 Carbine is a cross between a pistol and a rifle in that it uses a pistol sized cartridge but has the measurements of a short, very light rifle. The US even bought out a M2 (select fire) model with full auto capabilities and a “Paratroopers” folding stock model as well (which makes it a very, very short rifle)

On to today, there are still many good M1 Carbines “kicking” around that are really great shooters, especially for knocking over the odd Hare or Possum or just having a “Plink” at your local gun range. Now for those shooters who want to wring a bit more accuracy out of the M1, why not think about putting a Compact Tactical Scope or a Red Dot Sight onto it. This is where the folks at NcStar come in with their “NcStar M1 Carbine Scope Mount ~ W48″. This mount attaches to the rear sight and weighs only 2.2oz, the whole mount is only 3.6in’s long, so you can see that it doesn’t add very much weight or bulkiness to your lite-weight carbine and is very easy to fit on because it screws up to your Rear Sight……………..No Gunsmithing needed. Once you have fitted this Mount to your rifle then you have the option of putting a Compact Tactical Scope or a Red Dot Sight onto the rail.

I always like to say…………………”Taylor (set up) your Rifle to suit your own situation” for eg: If I was going to shoot a few rabbits or hares, or maybe go to the range for a “Plinking” session, I would set the carbine up with a nice small Tactical Scope, say a 2x-7x power or a 3x-9x power compact scope that gives me the ability to zoom in if needed for those longer range targets. The other scenario is to set up the rifle as a Fast, Tactical Response,” Zombie Killer Karbine,” with a “Point & Shoot” Red Dot Sight that gives you a very quick, both-eyes open system for those targets that come bounding up to you giving you very little time to respond. (you cant beat a Red Dot Sight for speed of target acquisition) So dont give up on your M1 Carbine and think that it’s not a viable weapon…………..(30 thousand Marines cant be wrong!) with the right sort of Scope mount and Optics you can have a “Liteweight Tackdriver” of a rifle.

Happy Plinking and Shooting…………………………………..The “Quartermaster”

ATI Halo Deluxe Heat Shield

Greetings to all you Bloggers and Shotgunners

For those of you that like Tactical looking Shotguns and being able to grip your hand around the barrel without burning it, you need to check out this Super Cool Accessory from the good folks at ATI Gunstocks. What we are talking about here is the ATI Shotgun Halo Deluxe Heat Shield ~ Y68. Now shotgun Heat shields have been around for over 1/2 a century, so it’s nothing new for all you dedicated shotgunners, as most heat shields are just a thin piece of sheet metal with perforated round holes in it,(for maximum heat dissipation) that is folded around the top part of the barrel. Anyone that is or has been a shooter will know that firing off lots of cartridges at anyone time = “Hot Barrel” = Burnt Hands or Fingers if you inadvertently happen to grab it, which usually happens at a most inopportune time and is also “Bloody Painful”…………………...You try and Blast the heads off the advancing Zombies with your burnt hand throbbing painfully and the skin blistering & peeling off, not a nice place to be in!!! There wouldn’t be many shooters that could honestly say they have never grabbed hold of their hot barrel in a moment of inattention. I know I’ve done it a couple of times over the past 30 odd years of my shooting history.

Anytime I come across a new piece of “KIT” that will save you from possibly injuring yourself (in a moment of inattention) and will also make your firearm look better, then it gets the “Tick” of approval from me. Enough of the “Burbling, Blistering & Peeling” stuff and on with the “Good Oil” – The ATI Shotgun Halo Deluxe Heat Shield ~ Y68. This is a totally new innovation that is revolutionizing the heat shield industry because it’s the 1st ever “Free-Floating”style Heat Shield with no metal to metal contact. The Halo Heat Shield is secured to your shotgun barrel with DuPont Extreme Temperature Polymer Clips and V-Blocks with High Temp. Resistant Silicone Pads, (that can withstand temperatures in excess of 600 deg F) and eliminates any metal to metal contact or scratching of your barrel, and prevents any movement or sliding. Instead of round, heat dissipation holes, the Halo Heat Shield comes with slotted, angled, holes for massif  heat dissipation………..Cooler barrel = No Burns = More Zombie Heads!!!………………………What More Could You Want???

As a Bonus this high strength, steel heat shield will fit all of the following models of 12g shotgun. Mossberg 500 & 590, Maverick, Remington 870, Winchester 1300 Defender & 1300 Marine, and will fit with or without a mag extension on. (will not fit the Rem. 870 Tactical or the Rem. 870 Express Tactical Models) Included are 2 x 3in long, Aluminum CNC machined Weaver Rails that attach to each side, (for mounting those essential accessories,) with Mounting Blocks that anchor behind the barrel/mag lug and stop any forward movement or “creeping” of the shield. Also included are a rear and a front Detachable, “Ghost Ring” sight set, manufactured out of Military Grade Type III Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum, for a more exact sight picture. So you can see that this Halo Heat Shield is one Tough “Son-of-a-Gun” accessory. (Not only tough but good looking as well)

So my friends, you will all be wanting to upgrade your shotguns now with a ATI Shotgun Halo Deluxe Heat Shield ~ Y68, wont you?????

Happy Shotgunning…………………………………..The “Quartermaster”


ATI Molot Vepr Strikeforce Stock

A “Mid Winter” greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters.

Mid Winter in New Zealand………………Not the most exciting time of year for outdoorsy activities like Shooting and Gaming, but we do what we can when we get a few fine days. As you have probably guessed by now after reading some of my previous Blogs, I am a fan of the Kalashnikov (and Clones) family of rifles and today I want to talk to you about another fine looking Kalashnikov Clone……………… The Russian Molot Vepr Rifle and the wonderful Up-Grade Kit that the folks from ATI have made for it. The Vepr Rifle is basically a civilianized (short for Non-Military Looking) cross between an AK and a Dragunov rifle. Classically referred to as the “Hunting AK”…………………..WTF!!!! Is There Such A Thing????? What are we hunting……Zombies??????? The Vepr usually comes with wooden furniture, a Chunky Wooden Forend and a Chunky Wooden Thumb-Hole Stock, which is ok if you happen to like the woody look. But if you are like me and prefer the “Tactical Look” on your rifles, then check out the picture below………………………isn’t she a Beauty!!!!! It’s the New ATI Molot Vepr Strikeforce Stock Package ~ Y77………………….(Just the thing for your up-coming Zombie Hunt)

Now the thing I really like about Russian Firearms manufactures, is that when they produce a new line of rifles, they will bring it out in a multitude of caliber variations, and this is just so with the Molot Vepr Rifle. The good folks at ATI have been thinking a bit like the Russians in that their Strikeforce Stock Package will fit all the different caliber Vepr variations as well. How about that for a Bonus????? When you put your Vepr Rifle together with a ATI Strikeforce Stock Package, Boy!!! you get one good looking AK. The whole package consists of the 6 position Collapsible Stock with Scorpion Recoil System,(Non-Collapsing Stock for NZ A-Cat Shooters) 6 sided Forend with Stabilizing Nose Cone, and Optical Gas Tube Rail System………………..”Look out Zombies”

Here’s what you get in this package -

1) A Good Looking 6 position Collapsible Stock with Scorpion Razorback Recoil Buttpad, (Non-Collapsing Stock for NZ A-Cat Shooters) that has an adjustable, ambidextrous Cheek Rest with a “Soft Touch” Non-Slip, Cheekrest Pad, both of which will eliminate the felt “Punch” of the recoil.

2) A Scorpion Razorback, Pistol Grip which has an ergonomic, Sure-Grip Texture to stop wet or sweaty hands from slipping and also reduces the felt recoil of the Heavy Calibers by soaking it up, which in turn will reduce your muzzle flip so that you get a faster follow-up shot.

3) A Six sided, 18in, Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum Tactical Forend Rail System that weighs only 17oz that is pre-drilled to accept most Weaver or  Dovetail Rails at 45 deg angles around the circumference for Ultimate Versatility in positioning your Tactical Accessories exactly where you want them.

4) A 8in Long Optical Weaver Rail bolted on over the Vepr’s Gas Tube, made from Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum, which will take most optical sights, Scopes, Red Dot Sights, Reflex Holographic Sights, Infared Night Scopes, etc.

5) And “Last but not Least” – A Forward Stabilizing 7 Sided Nose Cone, made from the same tough T6 Aluminum as the rest of the front end package that weighs only 1.07oz (30 grams) This little beast will anchor into any corner, door jam, wooden fence, concrete block, aluminum slider, Zombie’s Head, etc to give you increased stability and accuracy.

NB: The front end package will not fit any Vepr with a barrel length under 20 1/2 in’s, unless it is modified. (Something us Kiwi’s are good at doing)

So, Comrades, as we say in the Motherland……………Good Hunting, Have Nice Day!!!……………….The “Quartermaster”


NcStar 45 deg. Offset Weaver Mount

Greetings Bloggers, Gamers and Zombie Hunters.

One of the nice things about “Accessories” is that we all Accessorize to some extent, the gear that we have. No one likes “Bob Basic” anymore, hence the profusion of Clip-on, Bolt-on, Screw-on, Snap-on, Accessory Bits and Pieces that we all like to up-grade our “Toys” with. Half the fun in buying your next toy is wondering how you are going to “Accessorize” it. I must admit that the M16/AR15 Rifle is the king when it comes to accessories for this modular rifle. There must be literally 1000′s of different items that are compatible with the M16/AR15 platform and apart from changing the barrel length and calibre, everything else just changes around pretty easily. The “Screw-On” accessory that we are going to look at today is the NcStar 45 deg. Offset Weaver Mount ~ W113. Now this small piece of kit is a great idea if you want to put an accessory like a Laser , Flashlight or a Mini Red Dot sight on a 45 deg slant to keep it out of the way of your main Optical Sight and without it hanging off the side of your rifle.

Now I hear all you skeptics yelling - “What the Hell do I need a 45 deg slanted mount on my rifle for ?????” Ok, good point as too often we see a gun absolutely loaded down with accessories that must all weigh a ton. And who wants to cart that “Dead Horse” around all day??? Quite often I find that with accessories you can “tailor” your gun to the specific mission that you will be doing, for eg:

1) If you have a night mission coming up, you will make sure you have a Flashlight and a Laser on your Primary Gun, giving you the “I See You” and the “I Spot You” advantage. This is where the 45 deg. offset mount could come in handy, keeping your crucial accessories up high and in close.

2) If you have a daylight mission in open country coming up, you would make sure you have your primary tactical scope for those med – long range shots, but also maybe a Mini Red Dot Sight on a 45 deg. offset mount next to your scope for those surprise, close in ambush situations, giving your primary gun a long range and a short range advantage.

3) If you have a daylight mission in a built up city scenario, you would probably opt for a reflex “Holo” Red Dot Sight for all those outdoor targets, but also have mounted next to that on a 45 deg. offset mount a flashlight or a laser, keeping them up high and in close. This will give you an advantage if you go from bright sunlight into a darkened room.

The NcStar 45 deg. Offset Weaver Mount ~ W113 is the perfect Offset Rail for mounting your “Back-Up” Accessories onto as it will mount both left hand or right handed onto most Weaver or Picatinny Rails and comes with a single slotted steel Thumb Nut Tightener for a quick and easy on-off scenario. Being a 19-20mm Weaver Mount, this will not fit on anything with a Dovetail (11mm) Rail. This Lightweight mount has a 4 slot, – 1.75in (45mm) long rail that is long enough to mount most accessories to it.

So, the “Long & the Short” of it all is that I think the 45 deg. Offset Mounts have a lot going for them as they keep your crucial accessories close in where they have less chance of getting caught up on loose clothing, they fit into scabbards easier, and they just look better.

Until Next Time…………”Hasta La Vista Baby”…………………….The “Quartermaster”