NcStar “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight

A Very Warm Greeting to all you Bloggers

A Big Thank You to all of you Bloggers and Shooters who follow my blogs, and for those who are 1st time readers, a warm welcome to you all, I hope you like my particular style of writing and the information that is expounded upon. (If you don’t…….Too Bad!) As those of you who have been following my Blogs will know, I am a person that likes versatility (and lightweight) in my “Tool’s” because if I have to carry it, and if my life depends upon it, then it Bloody Well Better Work Every-time! and it Bloody Well Better be Light and Versatile also! My two favorite Zombie Busters – Sig 551 “Shorty” and AK74 SU “Shorty” (a mixture of Swiss and Russian) it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Right about now you might be thinking “What the F**K has this got to do with a Red Dot Sight……………………………Well Everything actually!!! Because one of the nice things about Red Dot Sights, is that you can pretty much put them on whatever gun you have. If it has a Weaver Rail along the top, it will take a Red Dot Sight and what better sight to put on your gun than the NcStar “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight ~ R10. This would have to be one of my favorite Red Dot Sights because it is light and it is versatile, 2 of the most important aspects for any gun accessory, and I love red dot sights anyway as I find them a lot faster to acquire my targets. It’s almost like having open sights with a illuminated dot.

Ok. Down to the “Nitty-Gritty” stuff now. As the heading says, it is a “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight. Just what does that mean??? What it means is that you get a choice of 4 different reticles to choose from – The 1st reticle is an Open Cross with a dot in the center, the 2nd reticle is a Bullseye Circle with a dot in the center, The 3rd reticle is a Star Burst, Open Cross with a Circle and a dot in the center, and the 4th reticle is a straight dot in the center. Hows that for versatility??? (if you want to check out the pic’s of these reticles, go to my website and click on “About Us” scroll down till you come to them) The Red Dot also comes with an 11 position, Dim – Bright Rheostat selector so that you can adjust it quickly according to the brightness of the day.

The NcStar “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight ~ R10 has an unlimited eye relief and field of view, like all the other Red Dot Sights with a 3 MOA sized Red Dot that is powered by a 1 volt Lithium (CR2032) Button Battery. The “Deal” includes a spare battery, Weaver Rings, Flip-up Lens covers, Lens Cloth and Allen Key Tool……………….Now here’s the good bit. It is only 5.1 in’s long and only weighs 8.0 oz’s……………………….Lightweight, Short & Versatile, just the way I like it!!! (starting to sound like a KFC ad. isn’t it) The tube is a compact 25mm dia. one piece, anodized aluminum tube for strength and durability.

So in summing up, if you are into Red Dot Sights on your Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Airsoft Gun, Paintball Gun or Crossbow, It would pay you to check these out as they really are great value for your money. (More “Bang” for your “Buck” as they say!!!)

Happy Shooting again……………………….The “Quartermaster”

NcStar Mini Red Dot Sight

Howdy to all you “Zombie Hunters” and Tactical Shooters and all you other Bloggers

Wait till you “Get a Load” of this weeks Mini Red Dot Tactical Sight……………….She is a Beauty!!! (and so small) What I want to discuss with you on this Blog is a nifty little Red Dot Sight  called the “NcStar Mini Holo Red Dot Sight ~ R20″, and the varied practical and tactical uses that it can be put to. As I have said in previous Blogs, a Red Dot Sight is a great “Time Saving” sighting system that is used for “Fast Action, Tactical Type Shooting” in that you dont have to close one eye, like you have to when using a normal scope. You just keep both eyes open, put the “Dot” on the target, and squeeze the trigger……………….(Job Done) it’s that simple, because most targets, when using a Red Dot, are shot within 20 – 150 mtrs away so you dont have to calculate bullet drop, or wind factor, or any of the host of other factors that come into play when engaging targets out to 500 mtrs and beyond.

This is not to say that you cant put a Red Dot Sight onto your “1000 mtr. Tack-Driving” Target Rifle, No!!! Not at all!!! What I mean is that, it is one thing to pull off head shots on Zombies at 950 mtrs, with your Super Large 10-40 Power Scope, but if all of a sudden a bunch of them come tearing out of a doorway 60-80 mtrs away and are intent on making a meal of you, then you might be pretty happy that you had the Foresight to install a Red Dot Sight (either on top of your Sniper Scope, or on a 45 deg. side rail) so then you can engage these close in targets using your Red Dot Sight which is a Hell-of-alot faster than trying to use your high power sniper scope………………..In other words – You get to make a meal out of them!!! To my way of thinking, a Red Dot Sight gives you another option for your favorite rifle, and sometimes options can mean the difference between winning or losing, or putting it another way, surviving or dying.

One of the nicest options that this Mini Red Dot gives you is that it is small enough to be used on your Combat or Target Pistols, your Combat Shotgun, Crossbows, all your Airsoft guns and most of your Paintball guns…………………..If you can put a Rail on it, you can put this Red Dot on it. – Now hows that for versatility!!!!!!! and as we discussed in the previous paragraph, it can be used in conjunction with another sighting system. It has a straight forward, no nonsense, ON/OFF switch that can be operated in 1/2 sec. flat.  There are so many pluses for this versatile Red Dot that you will probably want one for each gun.

Here are a few of the “stat’s” -

1) This Red Dot has a tough, Anodized Aluminum Body that comes in a choice of 3 colours – Tactical Black, Brushed Silver, and Real-Tree Cammo.

2) Using the “Both-Eyes Open” shooting technique, you have an unlimited Eye Relief and Field of View, which gives you a very quick target acquisition.

3) Comes with a Full-Length Integrated Weaver Mount, for a super strong, rock solid, rail to mount grip. (You wont shift this “Puppy” in a hurry)

4) It’s powered by a 3 volt Lithium Battery (CR2032) with a spare battery, protective lens cover and a mounting tool in with the deal as well.

5) Has a Dot Size of 2 x MOA (small) a length of only 1.8 in’s (small) and a weight of only 1.3 oz (light)…………..You KNOW how I like Small & Light!!!!!

Happy Red Dot Shooting……………………………………….The “Quartermaster”


NcStar Red Dot / Laser Sight

Greetings & Happiness to all you Blog Readers

This month I’m going to discuss and peruse a few Tactical Red Dot Sights for Rifles and pistols. (and anything else you want to put them on) If you are into Speed, Action Shooting, or Tactical-Type Events, where all your targets are 20 mtrs out to 100 mtrs, and you are engaging multiple targets in a short space of time, then you would find that a proper rifle scope would be more of a hindrance, and would actually cost you time, where-as a Red Dot Tactical Sight, on your weapon of choice, gives you a much lighter and faster sight, and will give you a quicker target acquisition when your “Bum’s on the line and the Sh*t’s raining down.”  In saying this the opposite is true when you are engaging targets out at 300 mtrs through to say 8oo mtrs, (and beyond) this is where a good scope comes into it’s own, and a Red Dot Sight would be more of a hindrance as they are mostly only a 1 x power magnification and at longer distances the Red Dot would tend to obscure the target.

My point to all this is………………How you set your weapon up for the job that it is going to do. For example – Say you are setting your pistol, rifle or shotgun up specifically for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) then a small Red Dot Sight would definitely be the way to go. If you want to set up your Ruger 10/22 or your SKS or your Armalite AR rifles for some serious daytime  “Plinking” and maybe shooting some Possums or Hares at night, then the sight that we are going to talk about, the NcStar Red Dot/Laser Series Sight ~ R16 with Quick Release Weaver Mount is the “Bee’s Knee’s” in Red Dot versatility……………………….And we all like something that is versatile, don’t we!!!

Here’s what I like about this Red Dot Sight -

1) It has an Integrated, Quick-Release weaver Mount so it can be taken off or put on your rail in 2-4 seconds flat and still keep your point-of-aim. This is real handy if you want to swap over to a scope for a longer range shot.

2) It has a large 40mm aperture for better sighting all-round vision of your target with a small 3 MOA dot that doesn’t obscure your target. This gives you an unlimited eye relief and field of view using the “Both Eyes Open” technique.

3) The tube is a very compact 4.3 in’s long and only weighs 11.3 oz with an integrated Laser on the side. Both the Red Dot and the Laser are adjustable for windage and elevation. This gives you night time or day time shooting options.

4) The Red Dot and Laser are powered by one x 3 volt Lithium Battery (CR2032) which is included as well as a spare one. (these can be purchased anywhere)

5) Having a Red Dot Sight with an Integrated Laser all in one saves you having to clip another accessory onto one of your rails and helps keep the weight down to a minimum.

So in summing up, if you are thinking about up-grading your favorite rifle, pistol or Airsoft gun, with a Red Dot Sight, why not get one with a Laser on it, you never know when you might need a laser.

Happy Shooting……………………………………The “Quartermaster”


NcStar Pistolero Series 2x-7x Scope

A very warm greeting to all you bloggers

Well we are into May already, (nearly 1/2 a year gone) and still No Apocalypse, No World Wide War, No Pandemic, No Financial Collapse, No Zombie Attack……………..”WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!” And I had a neat little scope to tell you about……………………Hardly seems worth it now that things are so quiet. Nevermind, I’ve decided to tell you about this great little specialized, scope from the good folks at NcStar anyway. It’s the Pistolero Series, (Long Eye Relief) 2 – 7 x 32 Scope ~ B56. What is the difference with this scope over other scopes????? Well for one thing, it’s a “Long Eye Relief” Scope which means that you need around 9-10 in’s of space from your eye and the back of the scope = Eye Relief. If you are into long range shooting with your .357 Maximum Dan Wesson, or your .44 Mag Ruger Super Redhawk, or your .50 Cal. Desert Eagle, or your .500 Linebaugh Revolver, or your .270 Thompson Contender Pistol, then this is the “Optic” that you need to mount on the top of your Massive, Zombie Killer Pistol. (Nothing “Kick Starts” your day like Blowing the heads off Zombies at 100-200 mtrs)

Moving right along now back into the real world, Having a scope on a large pistol when you are shooting any thing over 100 mtrs gives you a distinct edge in the accuracy dept. and although some of you might think that a pistol is just a close quarter weapon, you might want to think again when you have one of these monster, hand cannons in your hands, (and you WILL need both hands) Just like the Mega Mitre 10 add on TV……………….”BIG IS GOOD!!!”

There are 2 distinct advantages with large pistols such as these, 1) They are a Compact weapon with massive “Knock Down” capabilities & 2) You can shoot at longer range targets than most normal pistols and coupled up with a NcStar Pistolero Series 2-7×32 Scope  this will give you Carbine Accuracy in a compact package but with a bigger “Knock Down” capability. (There is no Zombie that I know of that will stand up again after being hit in the head with a hollow-nose .44 slug.)

The other use for a Pistolero Scope is on a “Scout” Rifle, which is basically a short Carbine (either bolt action or semi-auto) with a scope situated down past the breech 1/2 way towards the front of the rifle, as in the WWII Mauser K98 Sniper Rifle or the modern day Steyr Scout Rifle. Having a scope like this gives you a faster acquisition time on your target because of sighting it with both eyes open, and also gives you better peripheral vision when shooting (which is great if you are engaging multiple targets.)

Here are a few features of the NcStar 2-7×32 Pistolero Scope that you might like -

1) A 1.0 in.(25mm) tube with multi-coated lens for a clearer, sharper image

2) A Red Illuminated “Plex” Reticle for those eary morning and evening low light conditions

3) It weighs only 9.6 oz and is only 11.0 in’s long, so a lightweight scope that is fairly compact as well

4) This Scope is a 2x – 7x Vari Power scope with a 32.0mm Objective Front Lens.

5) The Eye Relief is 8.7 in’s (min.) to 10.7 in’s (max) so is suitable for both Large Pistols and Scout Rifles.

So if you are planning to scope-up your large-bore pistol or turn your SKS into a scout rifle and need a decent Scout Scope……………….You need look no further than the NcStar Pistolero Series 2-7×32 Scope ~ B56. Check out the full range of Pistolero Scopes on our website.

Happy Shooting…………………………………………..The “Quartermaster”


1) Stainless Steel Ruger Super Redhawk Revolver in .44 Mag caliber.



2) Stainless Steel Smith & Wesson Revolver in .500 caliber