ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Stock

Welcome once again to my “Stock Month” Blog

I have a another great stock to talk about this week………………..It is the ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Combo ~ Y70. “WHOOA THERE!!! Back Up the Horse!!!” I hear you say. “Not another type of stock for my Ruger??????????”  or “I already own 2 different stocks, why do I need another!!!”…………………(Boy, are you in for a surprise) For as you all know there are dozens of different stock variations for the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 rifle……………….Here are a few that I have researched -

For example, There is a kit on the market that will make your 10/22 look like a WWII German MG42 machine-gun, (My Favorite)

There is another kit that will make your 10/22 look like a Thompson 1928 model Sub Machine-gun, complete with Drum Mag. (My 2nd favorite) or a Thompson M-1 model WWII Sub Machine-gun, complete with 30rd stick mag

You can get a kit that will make your 10/22 look like a M-16 Rifle or a M-4 Carbine.

There are kits to make the Ruger look like it’s bigger brother, the “A” Team’s Side Folding Stock, Tactical Mini 14.

You can turn your little “plinker” into a WWII M-1 Carbine or a M-1 Garand without to much trouble.

There is also a kit out there to turn your 10/22 into a short, tactical “Bullpup” Carbine………….Looks Ugly, but works well.

I see that there is a 10/22 “Marauder” kit on the market that will turn your Ruger into a Good looking G36 Carbine……………(I love this one as well!!!)

If you are into the more “Traditional” look there is a kit that will make your 10/22 look like a Mannlicher Carbine…………..(Why you would want to is beyond me)

Then there are the Dozens & Dozens of Thumbhole stocks in Solid Wood, Laminated Wood, Fiberglass/Polymer, etc, that will make your Ruger look like a “Super-Dooper, Tack Driver” rifle.

So from all of this you can see that there are a hundred different configurations that you can have for your humble Ruger 10/22 Rifle. In fact I would say that the Ruger 10/22 rifle is the most “Configured” rifle in the world. Imagine trying to collect one of each of the 10/22 different configurations, you would wind up with one Hell of a collection. The Good Folks at ATI have “Stepped Up” to the challenge with their version of a Tactical Stock for the 10/22 Rifle, and what a beauty this one is.

First off, – it’s Light!!! (I really like this kind of word.) It has soooo many features that will appeal to all the shooters & plinkers out there, and it is very ergonomically designed, which means that it is Comfortable to use, it wont Slip & Slide around in the wet, as well as being made of practically indestructible material – Glass Reinforced Polymer.

Secondly – It’s Foldable, so you can keep the overall length down when transporting your rifle, and the Cheek-Rest and Butt-Stock Length are all adjustable for…………… (Wait for it!!!) – Comfort!!! It is a pleasant shooting experience when you have a comfortable rifle in your hands.

Thirdly – you have 5 different Weaver Rails that attach all around your forend so that you can mount all your favorite accessories like a Laser, a Flashlight, a Bipod, a Forward Pistol Grip, etc. and you also get 3 Sling Swivel Mounts to give you multiple ways of mounting your Standard or Tactical Slings.

Fourthly – Do I like these stocks???????????…………………………..You Bet I do!!!!!! Check out our website for the full range of ATI stocks.

Happy Plinking………………………………The “Quartermaster”


ATI SKS Strikeforce Stock

A Big Welcome to all you Bloggers out there.

I think we will make this month, another “Stock Month” and talk about another of my favorite guns the famous SKS Carbine, and the choice array of aftermarket items that you can up-grade your stock-standard, military surplus, SKS with. I did another Blog on the SKS rifle about 5 blogs ago in which I went into some detail about the history of this famous rifle, so I wont repeat that in this blog. What we are going to look at and discuss today is the wonderful aftermarket SKS Strikeforce Stock Combo ~ Y72 from ATI. What we do know is this little Russian Carbine lends itself perfectly to a myriad of up-grade items that are on the market today. There were millions of these rifles produced by a lot of different countries and I would think that there wouldn’t be many countries in the world that dont have a few SKS’s lying around somewhere. Being a plentiful (and Cheap!!!) rifle, in which most collectors and shooters would have owned one or two at some time, people have looked at them and said – “How can I make these Cheap & Plentiful rifles better???”

This is where the folks at ATI come in with their SKS Strikeforce Stock & Forend Combo ~ Y72. Now you can turn your Mil-Surp SKS into a AR-SKS when you bolt on one of these good looking Strikeforce stocks and they are lighter than the original wooden stocks………………………..Now you know how I feel about carting extra weight around if you have read some of my previous blogs, I would much rather carry extra ammo. These Strikeforce Stocks are definitely a well made “piece of kit” that are comfortable (my favorite word) to handle and use. Now to my way of thinking, the SKS Carbine is one of those guns that most shooters tend to have 1 or 3 lying around in the back of their safes, (usually just gathering dust) having been bought on a whim……………….Because they are so cheap! But really, if you “Dress” them up a little, they generally turn out to be great shooters and quite accurate as well.

I’ve been shooting SKS Carbines on and off over the years gone by, and really like them. My favorite was the Yugoslavian model, made by Zastava, and the VZ Carbine with the side folding bayonet (modeled on the SKS). Both were superb shooters only let down by their mag capacity, but if you didn’t mind using Stripper Clips, then it didn’t matter too much. These days there are plenty of aftermarket larger capacity mags to suit everyone’s taste. I particularly like the Chinese Captive 20 round mags, which will fit in the Chinese, Russian and the Yugo SKS’s (it wont fit the VZ Carbine, as this has a detachable mag) and the gun still looks like a SKS should.

The SKS Strikeforce Stock will take the normal 7, 10 or 20 round captive mags as well as the 10, 20 or 30 round detachable mags………….How’s that for a bonus!!! and they come in 3 different colours. – Tactical Black, Desert Tan and Destroyer Grey, now you can colour co-ordinate your Carbine to the Cammo you wear………………..(It just gets better & better) The stock is a 6 position, adjustable AR Stock, with a fully adjustable cheekrest, and can be side-folding as well. (great for getting in & out of vehicles in a tactical situation) It has a “Scorpion Razorback” thick butt pad to soak up the recoil, an “Ergonomic” (which translates to – comfortable) non-slip, pistol grip which makes for a much more manageable rifle.

The forend has 3 x Picatinny rails for mounting Front Grips, Bipods, Lasers, Flashlights, etc onto, so that you can set up your rifle quickly to suit each situation that you find yourself in. Another great feature is that this combo comes with 5 x sling swivel studs, for a variety of sling set-ups, and because these stocks are made in the US from DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer and are pretty near indestructible, this means that if you are out of ammo, you can “Club” your way through the Zombies. Now the only thing left to say is -

Dosvadanya Comrades…………..”Have Nice Day!!!……………………………………….The “Quartermaster”



ATI H&R Tactical Shotgun Package

A Very Happy Welcome to all you Bloggers out there.

We have just received some “New & Exciting” products from the folks at ATI, and today’s Blog is all about one of these products. The ATI H&R (single barrel shotgun) Pistol-Gripped, Tactical  Stock and Forend ~ Y73…………………….. Nope!!!! I haven’t gone Stark Raving Mad as I hear you saying ……….. “Why The Hell Do You Want To Put a Tactical Package onto a Single Barrel Shotgun??????????????” or ……….”That’s as bad as putting a Schmitt & Bender scope on a Arisaka” or just…………”WTF?????”  The simple answer to the “WHY” is because it doesn’t matter what you collect, – Car’s, Motorbikes, Gun’s, Tank’s, Boat’s, Uniform’s, etc…….. We all like to “Tinker” with them, add accessories to them, dress them up a little, play around with them, add this piece onto it, or take this piece off and replace it with something better. What can I say…………. It’s what we do. (because we can)

So………..Enough of the Ramblings and on with the Real Deal. The 2 main reasons that I am reviewing the H&R Tactical Stock set is that first, I like the Tactical Look and second, it doesn’t cost much to do. (in time or money) Now picture this scenario. – You’ve got your primary rifle and your secondary pistol organized, with enough ammo and spare mag’s for both guns, but there are times when you wished you had a shotgun to open locked doors, etc. but if you are like me, it’s all extra weight to carry around as a fully loaded “Pumpy” or Auto Loader is not a particularly light weight piece of kit. This is where the Single Barrel H&R  “Shottie” comes in handy, (over your shoulder in a short Shotgun Scabbard) with it’s shortened barrel and lightweight Tactical Stock and Forend. I would think that this would weigh less than 1/2 the weight of a fully loaded “Pumpy” or Auto Loader Shotgun.

There we have it………………A Short, Lightweight, Tactical Shotgun, which is a great back-up gun for those special scenarios like opening locked doors, stopping vehicles, taking the heads off Zombies, etc. They are a plentiful gun to buy (always one or two for sale at every gunshow) and usually very cheap to purchase……………..(My kind of gun) and you can change the furniture over to the ATI Tactical stock & forend in about 15 minutes. (including a coffee break) so my advice is……………….”Let’s All Rush Out and Buy One”

This is what you get for your Buck -

1) A 6 position Collapsible Buttstock (that will adjust the length from 9 1/4 in’s to 13 3/4 in’s) with a Recoil Reducing “Scorpion Razerback” Recoil Buttpad to soak up the 12g recoil.

2) An Ergonomic Free Standing Pistol Grip that will give you greater control of your weapon and a more comfortable shooting position.

3) A Rounded, Ribbed (non slip) forend for extra shooting comfort and controlability.

4) 2 x Sling Swivel Studs, so that you can mount your Tactical Sling to. (get a sling that has extra 12g shell loops)

5) Manufactured in the US from DuPont Extreme Temperature (Nearly Indestructible) Glass Reinforced Polymer.

6) Very Easy to Install, Very Reasonable  to Buy, You Wont Be Disappointed.

7) And the best reason of all……….. ATI make them for the Rossi single barrel, and the NEF single barrel shotguns. (You Beaut!!!!)

What more do you need to know????????????????????????? Do I like them…………..You Bet I Do!!!!!!! Check them out on our website.

Happy Shotgunning!!!!!!!………………………..The “Quartermaster”