NcStar CAR Carbine Quadrail

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First I want to apologize to all my Blog readers for the delay in my Blogs, I had a computer meltdown recently and it has taken a couple of weeks to get it sorted out and up and running again. But we have it all in-hand now and we are back in action again!!!!!!!……………………….Read on!!!!!!

We have another special Forend Quad Rail to talk about today, it is the NcStar AR Carbine Quad Rail ~ W26, for all those shooters with CAR’s and M-4′s that have a 6.5 inch Front Handguard. Now don’t get me wrong……………..I am still an AK man at heart!!! so just in case you think I’ve got soft, or been bitten by Zombies, or been tortured into writing about this AR article, you can rest assured…………..I’m OK!! got my pen in one hand and AK in the other……………ROR! (rarf out roud – for the benefit of the Asians)

What I like about Quad Rail Forends is their “Versatility” and by that, I mean you can do so much with them and change the accessories around quickly to suit what environment, situation or operation that you are on. For example, you would probably set up your M-4 with a little less accessories if you were just going to the range to “Pop a Few Cap’s” than if you were going to go through “Zombieland” on a “Seek & Destroy, Shoot Everything in Sight” mission, you would have set up your M-4 to have every thing on it, in this instance.

Ok. – on with the show…………. This Quad Rail will fit most AR Carbines, CAR’s, M-4′s and their Clones and that includes the various Chinese Varieties. (so that’s a great bonus for a start) and is very easy to install with no gunsmithing required.

It only weighs 11.1 oz’s as it’s made out of Tough Aircraft Grade Aluminum, and the 2 piece rail clamps firmly onto your barrel nut and front sight post, so it wont drag your front end down or make the rifle barrel heavy.

Now here is a list of some of the things that you can mount onto this Quad Rail – A Bipod, a Front Pistol Grip, a Long-Eye-Relief (Scout) Scope, a Red Dot Sight, a Laser, a Flashlight, a Folding Carry Handle, the list goes on and on. You can even get rubber rail covers to stop you from grazing and cutting your fingers open on the sharp rail edges.

I’m sure Mr. Eugene Stoner would be ecstatic to know how many different items you could put on his creation these days!!!!! In fact I see someone has developed a “CrossBow” that can be dropped onto the Lower Receiver turning your beloved AR into a silent but deadly, 400lb pull, “Zombie Killer” Crossbow. (eat your heart out Robin Hood.)

So …………… Do I think that a Quad Rail is a good thing to put on your M-4 or CAR 15, “You Bet Your Ass I Do” It gives you a lot more control-ability, especially with a forward front grip on and it gives you versatility in the fact that you can set up your rifle to be the best that it can be, in a variety of situations. You can do plain old “Bob Basic” M-4 or you can do “Tricked Up” – every thing you can imagine on it, M-4, and if you are wanting to shoot off a few rounds or blast through 10 x 30 rd mags, this Quad Rail will be able to provide ample cooling and ventilation with the 16 large vent slots all around to maximize the air flow around your barrel. The good news is that we have them in stock at a very reasonable price………….Check them out on our web site.

Happy Shooting………………………………..The “Quartermaster”


NcStar AR15 Rifle Quadrail

Hi to all you Bloggers out there

I would first like to personally thank all of you wonderful bloggers who have been following my blogs over the last year or so and please if you feel like typing a  comment on them, you are most welcome. I do check my post’s & emails, regularly. I know that they are a bit “Tongue-in-Cheek” at times and I do “Poke-the-Borax” at the AR15 /M16 type rifles, but hey!…………we have to sling a little Sh*t at something occasionally…………….(and I do, really like AK’s)

Anyway, enough “Waffling around” and on with the main course. The totally fine item that we are going to look at today is the NcStar AR15 Rifle Quadrail (Long) ~ W25.  These days most shooters  want to have at least one of their favorite rifles “Tarted” up a bit, (or “Gucchied” up, depending on your point of view) and with sooooo many aftermarket bit’s and pieces to choose from, it can get a little confusing at times. This is where “Yours Truly” (the Quartermaster) and NcStar comes in handy, as we stock soooo many Gucchi bits for your favorite rifles, shotguns, pistols, Airsoft Guns and Paintball Guns. The “One-Stop-Shop” so to speak.

One of the questions asked is “Why do I need a Forend Quad Rail for my AR 15????” so lets look at a few reasons why a Quad Rail would be an asset for your AR.

1) One of the main reasons (from my point of view) would be that it gives you – “VERSATILITY” with what you can do with the front end, as apposed to a standard plastic Hand Guard which doesn’t give you any versatility with hand positions, mounting Scopes, Red Dot Sights, Flashlights, Lasers, Bipods, etc.

2) Another reason is that (I Think) they look good. The Quad Rail tends to give your AR a (Versatile) “Tactical” look……………..Like – We Mean Business Here, Don’t Mess with Us!!! and they are made out of Toughened Aluminum, (and weigh only 19.5 oz) so that they will take the Bump’s & Knock’s of the battle field a whole heap better than plastic.

3) These Quad rails are a 2 piece Toughened Aluminum construction, which means that they (are Versatile!) & will fit the early triangular shaped AR hand guards or the later model round hand guards. My only comment on this is that they are not a “Free Floating” Quad Rail. They need a front piece to fix to, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It means that the whole set-up then, is a very strong Front end having been anchored at both ends.

4) Having a Quad Rail on your AR also means that there are a host of add-on accessories that can quickly be adapted to enhance your AR for the particular scenario or situation that you will be using your Rifle for. ie: If you are going to the range you can clip on a bipod and a “Long-Eye Relief ” Scope for those carefully planned long distance shots. Or if you are going for a trip through “Zombie Land” you can clip on a front grip, laser, flashlight and a Red Dot Holo Sight and “Blitz” you way through………24/7.

5) At 12.0 in’s in length there is plenty of cooling slots around the Quad Rail to keep your barrel from becoming too hot. The improved ventilation on the Quad Rail is much better than the standard plastic hand guards, which is a definite “plus” when you are “Blitzing” your way through Zombie Land!!!

So, in summing up, there are a lot of things that you can do to enhance your AR or M16 and the “Good News” is that you can check out all the cool accessories on our web site for your “Project Gun”

Happy Enhancing…………………………The “Quartermaster”