ATI Shotgun Top-Folding Stock

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As this is “Stock” month, this blog will appeal to all you “Mad Keen Shot-Gunners” out there who love to Tinker with their shotguns by dressing them up with Tactical Accessories, etc. and what better way to Tactical-Up your favorite shotgun than by putting an ATI Pistol-Gripped Top-Folding stock on it. You can turn your Plain old “Shottie” into a “Bad-Ass, Zombie Killing Machine”…………………(Yeee Haaa – Bring on the Pandemic!!!) What this does is that it allows you to shorten the overall length up by folding the stock, so you can carry it in a NcStar Shotgun Scabbard comfortably without the stock sticking up behind your head and catching on every-thing. The last thing that you need when you are Ninjering along is to be crashing around and getting “Hooked Up” by a stock that sticks out and bangs into things. You will end up with a swarm of Zombies around you in no time,…………………… which is not conducive to a peaceful days shopping.

So here is my 10 best reasons to why your Shotgun should have an ATI Top Folding Stock ~ Y57 -

1) They Look “Cool” and they come in 3 different colours – Tactical Black ~ Y57, for the Black SWAT Look,  Desert Tan ~ Y56 for the Afghanistan/Iraq Look and Destroyer Grey ~ Y55, for that Urban Camo Look.  This is So Cool, now you can colour co-ordinate your “Shottie” to the type of Cammo that you wear.

2) The Shotgun can be fired from the Opened Out position or the Folded Up position, with the ergonomic pistol grip to give you a more positive, controllable  grip. So this gives you 2 choices of fire modes, depending on your tactical situation.

3) These stocks have a “Quick Release” Button which allows the stock to Lock-Up in the folded or unfolded position, and stops the stock from any looseness or flopping around.

4) The Top-Folding Stocks have been Pre-Drilled to accept the 5 cartridge Extra Shotgun Shell Holder that sits on top of the stock when it’s folded up, (so that you can switch quickly to your “Special Zombie Killer Rounds” if need be)

5) These are made in the USA of nearly indestructible, DuPont Extreme Temperature, Glass Reinforced, Polymer, and will handle the toughest battle conditions that you can throw at it. (which means that if you run out of bullets you can Club your way through the Zombies)

6) Lets face it …………..The Tactical Shotgun is “The Best” weapon of choice for all close-in “Sh*t-Fight” situations, as they are so versatile in the rounds that you can use in it, for eg: you can use everything from Rock Salt through to Solids, Flechettes through to Buckshot, Exploding rounds through to Dragons Breath. The list is endless.

7) You can Colour Co-Ordinate your stock with a same colour tactical forend to make your “Shottie” look Super Cool!!! Especially if you combine it with the Stock Extra Shell Holder and the (Mean Looking) Halo Heatshield on the barrel.

8) The kit comes with a Sling Swivel Stud so that you can hook up a Single Point Sling or a Over-Shoulder Sling, which means that you have the option of it being your Primary Weapon or your Secondary Weapon.

9) OK!!!………. Here is an important reason – This one kit will fit 4 different shotguns, Mossberg 500, 535,590 & 835 Models, Maverick 88, Remington 870 and Winchester 1200 & 1300 Models…………………..Hows that for a Bonus.

10)…………………………………I Like Them!!!!!

So my fine bunch of Shotgunners. This should give you something to think about.

Till Next Time ……..Have Nice Day!!!!!!…………………………………The “Quartermaster”



ATI SKS Monte Carlo Stock

A Big Hello to all you Bloggers out there

I did promise you that this month is going to be “Stock” month, so this week we are going to discuss another very famous rifle and what you can do to Jazz it up. What we are talking about here is the Famous, the Iconic, the Reliable, the Prolific, the Russian SKS-45 Carbine. The SKS stands for “Samozaryadnyj Karabin Sistemi Simonova, 1945″  which means – “Self-Loading Carbine, Simonov’s System -1945″ and was designed by the (2nd) great Russian inventor – Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. The Russians managed to get them into service at the end of the 2nd World War against the Germans on the Eastern Front. It became the front line rifle for the Russians who then replaced it with the ubiquitous AK-47 in the early 1950′s. Because Russia and her satellite countries had produced around 15 million SKS rifles, there were a Sh*t Load of warehouses, “Chock Full” of surplus guns when they were pulled out of service. So what do you do when you have a situation like this……………..You sell them off cheap to the World Wide Market…………………… (You just got to Love the Russians for that)

I cant think of any country in the world that doesn’t have some SKS’s in it and New Zealand is certainly no exception. Some Gun Shops are selling them in Bulk lots of 10 & 20 at a time………………..How good is That!!!!! I must say that I’ve owned my fair share of them over the years and they are a Great Little Carbine to own and shoot, and these days,  you can buy so many “After-Market, Gucchi-Bling” add on bits for them that the humble SKS can be turned into a Super Sniper, Scout Carbine, a Tactical (Ass-Kicking) Assault Rifle or a Sharp Looking Hunting Rifle. So without further ado, let’s check out the Sharp Looking Hunting Rifle look and talk about that in this Blog.

The Good folks at ATI have come up with a winner of a Monte-Carlo Stock for the SKS. This will turn your Humble, Mil-Surp, Wooden Stocked SKS into a damm fine looking, comfortable,- (This is the word I like!!!) robust, hunting rifle. Not only can you get this stock in the standard Tactical Black colour, now you can have it in the new “Dark Earth Brown” colour which I think really suits the SKS and gives it that Serious Hunting Rifle look. Just the thing for that Goat or Wallaby hunt, where more often than not, you need quick follow-up shots………….(or if you are planning a trip through Zombie Land, you will definitely need some quick follow-up shots!!!)

Here’s some of the features that I like about this Stock -

1) The butt has a Scorpion Recoil Buttpad to soak up the felt recoil, which will keep you on target for those follow-up shots.

2) The Stock has a raised Monte-Carlo Cheekpiece that has a “Soft-Touch” Cheek Pad for improved comfort when shooting.

3) It comes with a proper Checkered Pistol Grip that is much more comfortable to hold than the Non-Existent, Mil-Surp, Original one.

4) It has a proper Checkered Forend for a Non-Slip Fore-Grip and a Ventilated Top Handguard for maximum heat dissipation.

5) The stock is made from DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass reinforced Polymer and is pretty much indestructible.

6) Will fit all the Russian SKS and Chinese SKS’s (type 63) including the SKK models (SKS-M) without any major fitting problems.

Check them out on our website, Comrades and Good Hunting.

As Always – “Dozvadanya” and “Have Nice Day”………………………………….The “Quartermaster”


ATI Mosin-Nagant Monte Carlo Stock

A Warm Greeting to all you Blog Readers

I’ve decided that this month will be “Stock” month, so I’m going to review a few of the Great Stocks that ATI put out and today’s one is the Famous (or infamous depending on whether you were a Russian or a German) Russian Mosin-Nagant Rifle Stock ~ Y12. Now you will have all heard about the Great Russian “Tractor”  – the one piece of equipment that will keep operating in all kinds of weather and temperatures, from the mud & slush through to the sand & grit, built like “Brick Sh*t House” (Have Nice Day!!!)
The sort of machine that you could throw anything in the breech and the damm thing would fire it………………(sounds like “Enemy at the Gate”) What we are talking about here is the Wonderfully Simple, Tough as Nails, Easy to Operate, Great Russian Mosin-Nagant Rifle – of course. – (It’s easy to tell, I like Russian Guns, isn’t it?)

The Mosin-Nagant Rifle was a joint effort between Sergei Ivanovich Mosin (a Captain in the Imperial Army) and Leon and Emile Nagant (Belgian Firearms Manufactures) and it is over 120 years old, having been adopted into the Russian Army in 1891, and has been used in as many conflicts around the world, from the “Boxer Rebellion” in 1898, through to the present day war in Afghanistan – 2013. That sure is the mark of one “Hell-of-a-Good Rifle” There have only been 4 different Models of the Long Rifles and 4 different Models of the Carbines, which is totally typical of the Russians in that – If something works well…………….Why the Hell Change it!!!!! and with the total of approx. 37 million having been produced from Russia alone, that’s a Sh*t load of Mosin’s around the place.

Anyway……………..Enough “Mosin Around” and on with the Blog. The Good Folks at ATI have come up with a fine looking “Great Russian Tractor” of a stock to dress up your aging Mosin-Nagant. Check out the picture below and tell me…………….Who would have thought your Mosin could look so good!!! Seriously though, if there is one thing I really like about this stock (I already like the rifle) it is ………..COMFORTABLE!!! Who would have thought that the “Great Russian Tractor” could be…………. COMFORTABLE??? Let me expound on this a little more as I can see the disbelief on your faces.

For a start – The stock is made from DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer, which not only is it pretty much indestructible, but it has a certain warmth to the touch = (Comfortable) Then we have the Monte Carlo style stock with a Soft Touch, Raised, Cheekrest Pad = (More Comfort) as well as the Scorpion Recoil Buttpad = (Lot’s More Comfort) to soak up the Harsh Recoil of the 7.62 x 54 Rimmed (Shoulder Bashing) Cartridge. Those Russian Soldiers must have been built like “Tractors” as well. The Stock also has a better defined Pistol Grip for a more (Comfortable) Grip.

The 1 piece stock has got Checkering on the Forend and on the Pistol Grip for more (You guessed it…..Comfort) and comes with 2 x Sling Swivel Studs to fit your Rifle Sling to. It is so easy to fit these stocks to your Mosin as they are designed for a “Drop-In” installation, taking no time at all,(leaves more time for Vodka) and last but not least, is that they come in 2 colours – “Rasputin Black” and the new “Ural Dark Earth Brown”

These stocks will fit all the 91/30 Mosin Long Rifles, the M38 and the M44 Carbines, and most of the Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R variants, which is a bonus, because whatever you think about the Mosin-Nagant Rifle, the fact remains that it still is a great rifle to shoot and hunt with. So my Comrades…………Till we meet again.

Dosvadanya!!!!! – Have Nice Day!!!!!……………………………………….The “Quartermaster”





ATI Mauser K98 Monte Carlo Stock

Hi Fellow Bloggers (or should I say “Guten Tag Ein Bloggerz”)

Now you might be thinking, “What the hell is the Quartermaster doing, burbling on in German for?????????” Good question, as today’s blog is all about a Great Old Rifle, the K98 Mauser. So today is “German Day” for this blog………..Sur Gut!!! Over the past 25 years or so I have had the pleasure of owning a few Mauser Rifles, From a Pre-1900 Commission Mauser, to a WW1 Turkish Gewher 98 and on to a WW2 K98 Karbine and even a 6.5 Swedish Mauser. All very nice rifles to have in one’s collection as they were all in excellent condition.

The one rifle that we are going to discuss today is the Honorable, WW2, K98 Mauser Karbine. A very well made, accurate,  yet simple rifle to operate, with one major flaw…….. The recoil of the Large 7.92 (8mm) round – KICK’s like a BITCH……….Mein Gott!!!  (Those German Soldiers must have all been Supermen) After a mornings shoot your shoulder feels like it has been kicked repeatedly by a Bloody Horse………..”Donner Und Blitzen” that steel buttplate hammer’s the Sh*t out of your shoulder. No wonder the German Soldiers on the Eastern Front, threw their K98′s away and picked up Russian PPSH sub machine guns.

Anyway…………“Ve haf ze Anzwer”  as Sargent Schultz would say (for those of you who have watched “Hogan’s Hero’s” on TV) The Friendly Folk at ATI Gunstocks have come up with a K98 Monte Carlo Stock that will take the “Kick out of the Karbine” It’s the K98 Mauser Monte Carlo Scout Stock ~ Y29 and it’s available in Good Old Black and also in the new “Dark Earth Brown” colour………..Very Cool Colour!!! This is one very nice, ergonomically shaped, synthetic stock, that is easy to handle, wont warp if wet, and Most Importantly………….. Soaks up the “Hellish Recoil” of the 8mm round with a Scorpion Recoil Buttpad, = (the latest technology in recoil reduction) making your Mauser a “Pussy Cat” to shoot.

The Stock Kit comes with 2 x “Sure-Grip” textured pads for a non-slip, extra grip forend, a “Soft-Touch Cheekrest Pad” for a comfortable, soft, non-slip Stock to Cheek weld, a Full-Length Top Weaver Rail that will take a Long Eye Relief “Scout” Scope or a normal eye relief Scope, 2 x Sling Swivel Studs to attach your Rifle Sling to. They are manufactured in the USA out of DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer, tough enough to withstand battle field conditions…….. Mein Kameraden.

The other good news is that this Stock will fit a variety of Mausers. ie: All Standard, Bent Bolt, Large Ring, German K98′s, Czech VZ-24′s, Yugo 48/48a’s, Turkish 1903′s, 1937′s, 1938′s & 1946 models in 7mm & 8mm calibers. The Downside is that it wont fit the Large Ring Swedish M38/96 – 6.5×55 Mausers or the Small-Ring Mausers. So if you decide to “Sporterize” your aging Mauser at any stage, check out the picture below……... Mein Leiber, you can turn your Standard Mil-Surp Mauser into a Sharp looking Karbine Sporter that is easy on your shoulder and a pleasure to shoot.

Auf Wiedersehen Mein Mauser Schutze…………………….Der “Quartiermeister”…….(The “Quartermaster”)