NcStar Airgun / Laser Project

Greetings to all you Bloggers

We are well into the first month of the new year now………………….(and all is well!!!) For this weeks blog I am going to write about a “Project” that one of my customers came to me about a few weeks ago and asked if we had a specific laser for an Zoraki Airgun that he wanted to upgrade. I am pleased to tell you all that we did, and we now have a very happy Airgun Shooter. So this is how it all went together -

The customer had emailed me after googling around trying to find a small Laser that would fit on the rail in front of the trigger guard of his Zoraki Air Pistol and the problem he had was that there wasn’t much room in front of the trigger when cocking the barrel (break barrel pistol) so he couldn’t use the larger more powerful Lasers. I emailed him to say that we did have a Red Laser on a Weaver Mount ~ R25 that looks like it would do the job.

He emailed me a picture of his Zoraki Pistol with the barrel cocked back and some measurements of the free space to fit a Laser. He was right there wasn’t a lot of room to spare. I emailed the description and measurements of the ~ R25 Laser which were a max height of 28mm, with a max length of 55mm and a max length of the Weaver Mount was 35mm. The On/Off switch is a slide-across switch situated at the back which is perfect for your trigger finger to manipulate on & off.

The Laser is adjustable in the Weaver Mount back or forwards as well and has Windage and Elevation adjustments for getting it spot-on the “Bull’s Eye”. So in the end, it all went together and fitted perfectly………………………One Happy Customer!!!!! We always strive to help all our customers achieve satisfaction with their requirements and while we don’t have the most expensive accessories on the market, what we do have is Good Quality¬† at a reasonable price, and that Dear Bloggers is a Great Deal.

The Red Laser with Weaver Mount ~ R25 will mount on any Weaver or Picatinny rail, so that means that you can mount it on a Pistol or a Rifle or a Shotgun, and best of all it will mount on any Airsoft Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun as well………………………… that’s a Bonus.

Happy Shooting…………………………….The “Quartermaster”




NcStar 3 Rail Sighting System

A Prosperous New Year to all you Bloggers

Well here we go again…………….Post Apocalypse, Post End of Mayan Calender, Post Xmas, Post New Years Day, and STILL the sun rises in the East & sets in the West. NO ARMAGEDDON???……………What the heck is going on??? The only thing of Major Significance that happened (or didn’t happen as was the case) was that “Santa” didn’t stop in to give me any presents this year……………What the heck is going on??? maybe someone shot his Reindeer, or maybe the Zombies got to him and ate him. Anyway as long as the sun still shines on us every day then that gives me time to tell you about a great little Tactical scope that you are going to LOVE!!!

Yep!!! You got it!!! it’s the “3 Rail, Sighting System, 2-7×34, Illuminated Reticle, Tactical Scope” from NcStar. That’s Quite a mouth-full for a compact scope. Now there are a number of things that I like about this scope that I would like to share with you.

1) First off, (in case you hadn’t noticed it) I do like Short Compact Tactical Scopes (the same as I like short rifles) and this baby is only 6.9in’s long and comes with a solid “One-Piece” Weaver Mount for “Maximum Clampability” – (sounds like something out of “Star Trek”…………Huh!) and has a PLAN – B, – See Through Tunnel for your Iron Sights, should any thing go horribly wrong, like – flat batteries for your reticle illumination, or a bullet strike on the scope body, etc.

2) Plus I’m a bit of a fan for illuminated reticles, and this scope has the latest “BLUE” illuminated reticle in either a) Mil-Dot, b) Rangefinder, or c) P4 Sniper, with 7 levels of intensity on the illumination.

3) One of the great innovations about this scope (for all you “Tactical” nutt’s) is that there are 3 x Weaver Rails attached to the scope, one on either side and one on top, so that means you can attach whatever accessory you want to your scope. Like a Mini Red Dot (for close-in work) on the top rail, and a Laser on one of the side rails and a Flashlight on the other side. Now you are definitely ready to go to war in Zombie Land……………24/7, Day or Night.

This is a ideal solution for the shooter that wants a Modular Sighting System that allows for easy attachment of any accessory that he may need for a given situation and only weighs a mere 19.3 oz, gives you a 1/2 MOA click value @ 100 yds and has a 3.0 in. eye relief.

The 2x – 7x Vari Power is excellent for targets out to about 300 yds, keeping in mind that this is a Tactical Scope, (not a Long Range Sniper Scope) designed for fast acquisition of close-in targets, so you can Blitz your way through a street full of Zombies………..(just can’t help myself again)

One last neat thing about these scopes is that they are ideal for all Airsoft Rifles and will mount to any Weaver or Picatinny Rail, as they are not too powerful for the type of¬† close-in shooting that is done in an Airsoft Game. All-in-All a cool little scope that is strong enough to see you through “Thick & Thin” and still come out on target.

Happy Hunting & Shooting ………………………………….. The “Quartermaster”

NcStar 3 Rail Tactical Scope


Vism Double Carbine Gun Case

The “Quartermaster” wishes all you Bloggers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year

And what better way to start the New Year off, than picking up the new Vism Double Carbine Gun Case ~ W99/CAR to keep the 2 x New M-4′s or your 2 x New AK’s that you had just purchased prior to the “End of the World” on the 21st Dec, warm and safe, and yet ready for action. Well the “idiots” got it wrong again…………….How many times have they got it wrong to date????? But you never know, they might redeem themselves one day and come up with a Pandemic or two, just to keep the Gun Nutt’s, (Ooop’s – I meant to say – “Enthusiasts”) The “Prepper’s” and the Religious people happy………………….We have to have an “Armageddon” someday, surely ????

Enough of my ramblings and on with the program, (so to speak) We are talking about the excellent, Post Apocalyptic, Double Carbine Case from the good folks at Vism / NcStar in Zombie Land………………(I just can’t help myself, can I!!!) Anyway, back to reality this case is just the “DUCK’s NUTT’s” for carrying your Short Carbines to the range, or to your favorite Hunting Spot, or to the War. I have been trialing these cases out recently and have found them to be so successful, that I gave one to my Grandson for a Xmas Present, and he was “Over the Moon” with excitement about it, and couldn’t wait to put his M-4 CQB (Airsoft) rifle into it.

So here are a few of my thoughts as to why I like this case so much -

1) You can put 2 x Short Carbines in, plus 2 x SMG’s, Plus a Pistol, Plus pockets for plenty of spare mag’s, and still have room to put the “Kitchen Sink” into a spare pocket. These cases are 3ft (91cm) long x 13in’s (23cm) high, so they wont take a full length rifle. But for those of you that like Short Guns, ie: M-4′s, Folding Stock AK’s, Sig Carbines, Camp Carbines, most Bull-Pup Rifles, and any other short carbine rifles that you can think of, these cases make it easy to cart your favorite “Zombie Killing Toy’s” around.

2) You have so many options for carrying modes, like a back pack for instance. This case comes with 2 x Back Pack Straps that are wide & padded for extra comfort so that if the “SH*T Hit’s The Fan” you can pick up your pre-loaded Double Carbine Case, chuck it on your back and Get out of Dodge quickly & quietly, or just for carting your guns & gear to the local range………………………Perfect!!!!!!

3) This would have to be one of the Strongest Rifle Cases on the market because not only does it have Heavy Duty Zippers all round but you also get 2 x Quick Release Straps that go over the top as a secondary case securement and they are fully adjustable for whatever load that you are carrying. All in all this is just a really good looking rifle case to have and you will get many positive and admiring comments from your fellow shooting buddies…………………(They will all probably want one as well)

4) You can have them in any colour as long as its “BLACK”……………………….LOL!!!

Happy Shooting in the New Year………………………..The “Quartermaster”

Double Carbine CaseDouble Carbine Case 2