Vism Double Rifle Bag

Merry Xmas all you bloggers

Seeing as the “End of the World” hasn’t arrived yet, I thought I would do a blog on a piece of kit that might come in handy, should you need to “Bug Out” with a couple of your favorite rifles, some ammo, food, side arm (or 2) eating utensils, spare clothes, etc, etc. What we are going to discuss here is the Vism Double Rifle Case ~ W99  Now the one reason that I like this case is that, not only will it take 2 x rifles (Top & Tailed) but you can carry a LOT of other stuff as well if you so desire.

What I mean by this is that if you are going to the range with your 2 rifles, you can also put your cleaning kit, spare ammo, spotting scope & tripod, gun lube, cleaning rod, lunch, hip flask, – if it is really cold, woolly hat, etc, into the bag as well. (The One-Stop-Shop as we call it) It has heaps of spare room in the 2 outside compartments. When you get to the range you open it right the way out then you can use it as a shooting mat.

If this case is your “G.T.W.” (Go To War) bag, then I guess you would set it up a little different – first off you would have your primary Assault Rifle with perhaps a Shotgun for a secondary close – in weapon, or you can have your primary rifle, a Sniper Rifle with a Assault Rifle for a back-up weapon. From there you can decide what else you need, ie: a couple of pistols and a SMG, all of these things will fit into the 2 outside compartments, with room for spare mags and ammo as well. (You don’t mess with the guy with the BIG gun case!!!!!)

If you are a Hunter, this is just the case for you, as you can take your – “Bring Home the Bacon” scoped hunting rifle as well as a shotgun for those Hares or Opossum’s that you might come across, and you can fit a “Take-Down” .22 Rifle in the larger of the two side compartments, for the occasional rabbit for the pot. (Rabbit Stew……. Yummy!!!)

If you are an Airsoft Gamer, this would be a great case to have as you can fit a couple of rifles, (One for a spare in case the battery dies in the one you are using or you get a jam) a couple of pistols and a SMG of some sort, and still have room for your spare mags, pellets, speed loaders, masks, etc. You will have enough “Hardware” to do the whole weekend if need be. It is simply amazing what you can get in one of these Double Rifle Cases.

These cases are manufactured from Tough, Heavy Duty PVC Nylon Material with lots of Molle-Pals Webbing in the main compartment and the larger external compartment. Comes with Heavy Duty Zippers and 2 x Padded Shoulder Straps which allows this case to be carried like a back pack when the going gets rough. They also come in 4 colours – Tactical Black, OD Green, Desert Tan & Digi Camo……………………………What Could Be Better!!!!!

Till Next Time – Happy Shooting!!!…………………… The “Quartermaster”

Vism The “Ultimate” Chest Rig

A Happy, Fun-Filled Xmas to all you Bloggers

Xmas is sneaking up on us very quickly now…………………..(So is the End of the World???) and the folks at NcStar / Vism have been working overtime to bring out new products to help you survive in “Zombie Land”. We have seen enough “End of the World” movies to realize that you cant win the war wearing Sneakers, Tee Shirt, Hoodie and Jeans,……….. OOOP’s!!! dont forget the Baseball Cap, and running around with an AK or M-4 with only one magazine, (that never seems to run out of ammo………..WTF!!!) No! No! No! We are in the REAL WORLD now, like it or not, so we need the best Rig that will hold a ton of spare gear. (Because as we ALL know………. we ALL tend to run out of ammo sometimes – usually at a most awkward time) Thank God for “PLAN B” ……………. Aaaah – What was Plan B again?????

Enough of the Burbling and on with the Blog!!! The item that I am discussing today is the (Very Fine) “Ultimate Chest Rig~ W112* from Vism. I did a Blog way back discussing the Pro’s & Con’s of Chest Rig’s v Assault Vest’s and although I really like the Assault Vests, my personal choice is still a Chest Rig and I LOVE this new Ultimate Chest Rig for 2 reasons.-

1) This is the most Comfortable Chest Rig I have come across to date because it has very wide, soft padded, shoulder straps with Quick Release Buckles and a Super Wide Waist Band that is also comfortably padded with Quick Release Buckles on both sides. It is fully adjustable on both shoulder straps for length and adjustable on the waist band for most waists. (including mine!!!)

2) You can fit a TON of stuff into this rig. starting with the 2 front rifle mag pouches, they will hold 2 x 30 rd mags each. In the front of these mag pouches are 4 x Pistol Mag Pouches that will take your standard sized 9mm or .45 cal mags. On each side of these pouches are 2 x Grenade pouches, (if you dont have Grenades you can use them to carry 4 x extra rifle mags) On each side of these pouches are 2 more larger and deeper pouches  that you can stuff with food, cleaning kit, torch, lightweight poncho, etc. Or you can stuff in an extra 4 x 40 rd mags. (or 8 x 20 rd’ers) That brings the total to about 400 rounds capacity just with your chest rig……Bring It On!!!

As well as all this gear there is a mesh pocket on the inside front to take your maps, notebook, passport, money, etc. and you can hook a couple of water bottles on each side at the back. If you are like me, once you have got your Chest Rig all loaded up, you need to spend a little time getting it sitting comfortably yet firm on your body before you go out and rain down 5.56 on someones day!!! We have these items in tactical Black and OD Green.

If you want to, you can add the “Drop-Leg Pistol Holster and Mag Pouch” combo to this rig (my previous blog) to make this the “Ultimate, Ultimate, G.T.W. Rig.” You will have enough ammo to blast through a street full of Zombies with this combo!!!

Have a Happy and Safe Zombie Xmas…………………………..The “Quartermaster”









Vism’s 3 Piece Drop-leg Pistol Holster

A Kind Xmas Greeting to all you Bloggers

Today’s Blog is about a nice sized Xmas Present that would tuck quite nicely under your Xmas Tree. (that is if the Zombies haven’t burnt it down) What I’m going to talk about here is the “3 Piece Drop-Leg, Pistol Holster & Mag Holder ~ W118″ Made by the good folks at NcStar/Vism. Now they have had this product out on the market for a year or so, but this is the 1st time we at Quartermaster Supplies have had it in stock and I thought it about time I tried it out. 1st off…….. I’m usually not a fan of Drop-Leg Holsters. So if I’m carrying a “Secondary Piece” (Pistol) I usually like it to be on my hip, because to my way of thinking, it’s easier to get at in a hurry and if you have to run anywhere it doesn’t impede your legs……………..Which is a handy thing if someone is shooting at you.

But one of the nicest things about this Drop Leg Holster that I like is that the leg bands (straps) are nice and wide. This is very important for leg comfort, as there is nothing worse that having skinny tie-downs around your legs that cut in to your thighs and end up chafing your skin. All of the straps are adjustable for length and will fit most thighs and waists. If you are like me, you will need to spend a few minutes getting all the straps adjusted to the most comfortable position on your thighs. I like to have the holster setting up as high as it can go. (but that is my personal preference.) Some shooters like to have the holster set down the leg towards the knee. There is lots of room for adjustment on this rig, which is a MUST as you dont want your pistol flopping around loose on your thigh.

The construction of this 3 piece rig is all Tough PVC Material with a molded Universal PVC, Holster that will take most small and standard sized pistols. So if you are running a Glock, Beretta M92, .45 1911, H&K Socom, Tangfoglio, Browning High Power, etc. your holster will handle them – no problem!!! NB: This holster will NOT take a X/Large pistol like the Desert Eagle, (I’ve tried it and it wont fit) It has a Safety Strap with a snap fastener that will keep your pistol safe and wont let it drop out when you are running like crazy, dodging bullets. Also this holster is a Right Handed Holster only, it cannot be converted for left handed shooters.

On the other thigh we have 3 x spare mag pouches for your pistol, (or your nut bars) with strong Velcro flaps that will hold your mags in place and stop them from flopping around. The idea is that this rig needs to be set up, to be as firm as possible in all areas, more so than a waist belt holster as there is nothing worse than loose gear flapping and banging around on your legs as you are negotiating the battlefield. (This rig is fantastic for Airsofters as well) and we have it in both – Tactical Black and OD Green.

Happy Pistolering…………………………….The “Quartermaster”

Vism Zombie “Dead-Op’s” Tactical Vest

Greetings all you Zombie Slaying Bloggers.

Well, Well, Well!!!……………(3 holes in the ground! LOL) This is a different blog today, bordering on the insane, you might say. The item that we are talking about today is a Brand New Tactical Vest from the folks at NcStar in Zombie Land. I have just received a few samples of the “Vism Zombie Dead-Op’s Tactical Vest ~ W124 to sell, and from the onset this rig looks to be a winner. So if the end of the world happens to arrive early this year, at least we will have a decent Assault vest to carry all our Zombie Killing  guns & ammo around.

It comes in a sporty looking, light weight back-pack. The idea is that if all hell breaks loose you can grab your back pack and wander casually down the street, looking like you are off to do the shopping, then if all of a sudden the street is teaming with bloodthirsty Zombies, you can whip your “Dead-Op’s” tactical vest out of your back-pack, strap on your hardware, slap a clip full of Zombie Rounds in, and you are ready to clear a path through the dead ones, finish your shopping (using your back-pack to carry the beers and the chips in) and still get home in time to watch “Coronation St”…………………… This is so good, keep an eye out for “Part 2″….. I told you this was going to be insane!!!!

This Tactical vest will appeal to a broad cross section of the shooting fraternity as it can be adapted to suit a variety of needs and applications. It starts off with a full Molle-pal’s vest that is fully adjustable to a wide variety of body sizes, both in width and length, with Molle on the back and the front so that you can hang all your essential pieces of kit off it. The vest clips in place across the chest with 3 quick release clips and has a fully, velcro adjustable, pistol belt that can be attached to or separated from your vest.

The belt has 2 x pistol mag pouches horizontally attached, that can be detached off the belt and attached to the vest, if one desires. Next we have 3 x pistol mag pouches, a map/energy bar pouch with 5 x loops for your 12g Zombie rounds on the front for quick access, then we have 3 x assault rifle mag pouches each with another pistol/torch/torch battery pouch in the front, lots of spare Molle to hang your “Zombie Grenades” off, and still leaving room for your Hydration pack and your Shotgun Scabbard to be clipped onto the Molle on your back. One thing I especially like about this rig is that all the pouches are detachable and can be changed around to suit your particular situation.

This Zombie Vest is made from Heavy Duty, Double Mesh, lined with Reinforced Nylon Molle-Pal’s webbing covering the vest from top to bottom.

3 x front Buckles with 6 x side adjustment straps and Velcro Adjustable shoulders make for a solid custom fit for small to X/large bodies.

What more can I say…………………. Dont leave it till you are over run by Zombies to get your “Zombie Dead-Op’s” vest.

Happy Zombie Hunting……………………………. The “Quartermaster”



NcStar AK / SKS Barrel Bipod

Greetings to all you Bipod Bloggers

As you can probably tell………………………….. This is “Bipod Week” and what we are about today, is letting you know all about another excellent Bipod from the folks at NcStar. This is the AK / SKS Barrel Bipod ~ W14. What I especially like about this Bipod (Apart from the fact that it fits on my favorite rifles!!!!) is that you only need to have it attached to your barrel when you want to take those critical, long shots. This particular Bipod is a Standard, No Fuss, Non Folding Bipod that clips on and off in 1 second flat. So all those shooters that say “I dont have time to put a Bipod on and off”………………….. I say - RUBBISH!!! By the time you have decided to take a critical shot and have got yourself prone, your “Clip-on Bipod” would be on your barrel and ready for action………………………..Need I say More???

You can put this Bipod on any rifle that has a barrel diameter of from 13mm up to 18mm, so you are not just restricted to only AK and SKS Rifles. This is a great Bipod for the hunter who walks around a lot and takes the occasional long range shot, ie: .22 rifle or .22 mag. rifle, or for a war time situation where most of your shooting is fast and furious and short range, but occasionally you get to take a longer critical shot where you need a steady barrel, ie: your “Legionary AK”, 0r M16 /M-4 or FN-FAL, etc.  As I said before……… Clips on and off in 1 second Flat!!!

The thing about this particular Bipod that is different from an ordinary Bipod is that when you have a Bipod permanently attached to your rifle (even if it is on a dedicated Sniper Rifle) you always have this extra weight hanging off your barrel and it is something else to get hooked up or snagged on when you are going through dense undergrowth. Worse still is when you are in a Sh*t Situation with it coming down on you in bucket fulls, People Screaming, (for you & at you), Rockets are exploding nearby, Bullets are Whizzing to & fro, and you have to Ninja your way out of there. The last thing you need at this time is your Bipod getting caught up on something and delaying you. (“Time” is Definitely of the Essence here) So having a Bipod safely tucked away in your assault vest or day pack yet can be got at in an instant is, to my way of thinking a definite PLUS.

The height folded up on this Bipod is 8.3 in’s and it extends out to 13.5 in’s. The weight is a meager 15.6 oz and it has a clip that binds the legs together when not in use, so for my 2 cents worth, I think this is a great little bipod for those occasional long shots that you “DON’T” want to miss. – (He who get’s the 1st shot in………..Generally wins)

Happy Long Shot’s……………………………..The “Quartermaster”


NcStar Universal Barrel Bipod

A Kind Greeting to all you Bloggers World Wide

A “HUGE” thanks to all of you that have read my blogs and to those that have put a positive comment on them. Well…………….Back to business, (as they say)

Today’s blog is all about a piece of equipment that doesn’t get put on, or used on many rifles, but when you want to take a long, steady shot (or 3) then it is invaluable to have one of these on your rifle, or you increase the risk of missing your shot, and in a war zone this could be critical. What we are talking about here is the humble “Bipod” This piece of kit has been around (in one form or another) for as long as there has been shoulder mounted weapons through-out history. As the Rifles get refined so to do the bipods get refined. There are dozens of different bipods on the market these days for every occasion but the one we are going to review is the “NcStar Universal Barrel Bipod ~ W10.

One of the biggest advantages that I see in this particular bipod is that you don’t have to carry it on the rifle all the time. (you can tell that I am conscious of extra weight on my rifle) What I mean by this is that once you bolt the Quick Detach Mount on to your barrel, then you can then slide the bipod on and off this barrel mount in 2 seconds flat. So this means that I can carry my AK47,…. M-4,…. Bolt Action rifle (or any other rifle that you want) around all day long without the extra weight of a bipod on the end of the barrel, then if suddenly I get an opportunity to take a long, steady shot, I can whip my bipod out of my pack, or pouch on my assault vest, slide it on to the barrel mount, extend the legs and be ready to take the shot, all in under 5 seconds…………………… How’s that for Versatility!!!!!!!!! Believe me, it’s much easier to carry the bipod in your pouch or pack all day, than to have it hanging off your barrel. Even if you are a dedicated Sniper, the same logic applies.

Another advantage with this bipod is that the legs will swing up 90 degrees forwards or backwards, so you can position the barrel mount where ever you want on your barrel, ie: fully forward on the barrel, so the legs can swing back towards your forend, or hard up against your forend so the legs can swing up towards the end of the barrel. If you have a Weaver Rail under your forend, then you don’t need the barrel mount, as you can clip it straight on and off your own Weaver Rail……………. More Versatility!!!!!!!

The legs are 8.5 in’s long – collapsed, or 11.5 in’s long – extended and the whole item weighs – 12.5 oz. and the bipod is made from strong steel and hardened anodized aluminum.

So………. If you are contemplating a purchase of a bipod, It would be hard to go past the NcStar Universal Barrel Bipod ~ W10, as it is so versatile and it wont “Break The Bank” In other words, it is really reasonably priced.

Happy Long Range Shooting…………………………….The “Quartermaster”




Tufforce H&K Dual Rail Claw Mount

Hi to all you Gun Orientated Bloggers.

Today’s Blog is all about a “Cool” piece of kit for all you H&K nut’s out there. It’s the H&K Dual Weaver Rail Claw Mount ~ G26 made by “Tufforce” One thing you can bet on with Tufforce products is that they are built TOUGH – like the name says!!! This is true with their Dual Weaver Rail Claw Mount as I have been field testing one lately and have come to the conclusion that nothing short of being run over by a Bulldozer will destroy this marvelous piece of kit……………………(which is a round-about way of saying – I LOVE IT!!!) This “Rail” (in my opinion) has several things going for it -

1) It’s tough and built to last, and will take all the Sh*t a war zone can throw at it.

2) It has 2 Weaver rails – one on top, and one on the left hand side, so you can set your gun up to suit the conditions.

3) It comes with “See-Through” channel, so if you need to go to “PLAN B” and use your Iron Sights – you can!

4) This Rail will fit on Real H&K’s as well as Airsoft and Paintball Marker H&K’s. Now that’s versatility for you!!!!!

There are some shooters out there that are AVID H&K fan’s, and there is no doubt that H&K make a very good line of firearms. (They’re German……………They make good guns – period!) so it would make good sense to put a good rail on a good gun wouldn’t it????? One other nice touch with this rail is that it will fit on all of the MP5 range of S.M.G’s (sub machine guns) from the MP5SD down to the MP5-K, as well as the G-3 line of battle rifles. So if you only have the one Dual Rail Claw Mount, you can swap it over from your H&K MP5 to your G-3 Rifle in about 30 seconds. Although they are so good you would probably want one on each gun.

The top Weaver Rail is 133mm long, which will allow you to mount any length of scope that you want on to it, and it is compatible with the Military Stanag Scopes. The side Weaver Rail is a generous 85mm long, which will allow you to mount most accessories on to it. So…………… If I was going to set up…… say an MP5-K for CQB for instance, this is how I would do it -

1) I would put a powerful Green Laser on the top rail for night and day use, (that way I wouldn’t need a Red Dot Sight) and I would attach a medium length flashlight to the side rail, for those low light and night time op’s.

If I was going to set up…….. say an G-3 Rifle for instance, this is how I would do it -

2) I would put a Tactical Compact 3x-9x vari power illuminated reticle scope on the top rail to take care of the day time and low light time longer range use, and then I would use a 45 deg. angled rail clipped onto the side rail, with a compact Red Dot Holo sight attached to take care of the shorter range (Quick-Shoot) targets.

When it’s all said and done……………. The Tufforce H&K Dual Rail Weaver Claw Mount ~ G26 is just the “BEE’s KNEE’s” for mounting onto your favorite H&K S.M.G. of G-3 Rifle.

Happy H&K Shooting……………………………… The “Quartermaster”