NcStar AR15/M16 Combo Tool

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Today’s Blog is all about a “Fancy Tool” that will compliment the AR15, M16, and M-4 rifle owners kit. If you own and shoot an AR type rifle, or you have to use one in your line of work (throw it away and get an AK……….. Ooop’s, sorry! my personal preference is surfacing…. LOL) Then you need to check this piece of equipment out. As with any thing that you do, it is always the question of ……………………. If I’m carrying my rifle, plus ammo, some food and water, comm’s gear, a few toiletries, 1 or 2 grenades, a knife or two, maybe a secondary weapon…………. This is not even counting a backpack with spare clothes, some mines, extra ammo, etc………. do I really need an extra piece of kit??????????????? You may have heard the saying – “Time is of the Essence” well the Quartermaster’s saying is – “Weight is of the Essence” in this case. No one wants to lug around any more than they have to. When the “SH*T” is raining down around you, bullets are whizzing by, explosions are going off all around, people are yelling and screaming at you, (for and against) the general “Rule – of – Thumb” is ……….. You need to “Hustle Your Ass a Bit” which means that you need to move fairly fast in one direction or the other. Now the one thing (apart from a large wound) that tends to slow you down is ……………………………. You Guessed IT – Carrying Excess Weight!!!!!

So what am I getting at here??????? Well this small piece of essential kit would have to be the “BEE’s KNEE’s” for the AR owner to have as a compliment to his (or her’s) rifle, as it only weighs 17.7 oz’s, and it doesn’t matter if you are trying to get out of the Sh*t of just trying to get to the range, this handy Multi Tool will keep your AR operating and in Tip-Top condition where ever you are. One of the nicest things about this Multi Tool is that it folds up and fits in a pouch that you can put on your belt, or attach it to your webbing, and it wont get in the way because it is only 4.5 in’s long (folded) The AR Combo Tool is compatible with most M16, M-4 and AR15 variant rifles. So whether you have a “You Beaut!”- Colt, a Bushmaster, DPMS Arms, Olympic Arms, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms, Armalite, Diemarco, Heckler & Koch, Israeli Mekut’zrar 653, Chinese Norinco AR, or any of the variations from around the world, this tool will fit them all.

Look at what you get with this little beauty – A Pin Punch, a File & Flat Head Screwdriver, a couple of Wrenches, a Bolt Carbon Scraper, a Broken Case Extractor, 2 Socket Spanners, a .223 Brass Bore Brush and a Flexible Steel Bore Wire, all made from High Grade Stainless Steel. Every thing folds down and fits inside a Heavy Duty Black Cordura Pouch that fits onto your belt. There is enough tools  in this little combo to do a complete strip-down of your AR.

My point to all this, is that if you are relying on your AR to do a job in the field and for whatever reason you get a malfunction, then this combo tool is going to pull you out of the SH*T and get your rifle up and running again. My advice is…………… if you own a AR or Clone and you dont want to get one of these wonderful AR Tools, then you would be better off trading the AR in for an AK……………………. (JUST JOKING!!!!!!!)We have plenty of these tools in stock.

Happy Collecting & Shooting……………………… The “Quartermaster”




Vism Shotgun Scabbard

A Very Friendly Greeting to all the Readers of my Blog.

I must say it is very encouraging to get so many positive responses to my humble Blog. I write about things that interest me and from my experiences gained over the last 30+ years from a collecting and a shooting point of view. I realize that this is not every bodies “Cup-of-Tea” so to speak, but there are plenty of people around the world that either have a love of guns or use them in their line of work (or both) that like to check on what is available to accessorize their favorite “Toy’s.”………………………….. That’s where the “Quartermaster” comes in handy. Not only can you check out the spec’s on all the products in our website, but you can see what my (humble) opinion is,of the stuff that we use and sell.

So…………. we are not here to talk about me, but to discuss a valuable piece of “Kit” for people who like to carry a secondary weapon, ie – A Shotgun. Now as we know, the shotgun is a great gun for close in work, (but pretty much useless out past 80mtrs) that being the case, some folks like to have a “Shottie” as well as their primary gun which in most cases is a rifle. The problem you have in this scenario is how the hell do you carry it, without it banging around and getting in the way??????????????

Enter – NcStar/Vism’s Tactical Shotgun Scabbard ~ W93. This just has to be the “Duck’s Nutt’s” for carrying your shotgun!!!!!!!!!!! You can use this scabbard for so many applications. Here are a few that I can think of, off the top of my head -

1) Carting you favorite Duck Shotgun down to your “Mai Mai” (or hide) leaving both your hands free to cart the other essentials that you need, like food, booze and extra ammo.

2) Carting your Combat Shotgun around the different stages at your local range for those 3 gun shoots.(Rifle, Shotgun & Pistol) or those 2 gun events that require a shotgun.

3) Carrying your “Door Opening” Shotgun for opening those particularly hard to open or heavily locked doors to save time instead of trying to pick the lock, or find the right key. LOL!!

4) Carrying your Airsoft Shotgun in a CQB range to use when you run out of ammo in your primary rifle or pistol. Believe Me!!! it’s handy to have a back-up gun in this situation.

5) Anytime you want to cart your shotgun around without it getting in the way of what you are doing, especially if you are in a high risk situation and the last thing you want to happen is the gun to bang on something or slip off your shoulder at the wrong moment and spoil your shot………………….. This could be disastrous!!!!!!!!

The nice thing about this Shotgun Scabbard is that there are a variety of ways to carry it. You can sling it over your shoulder, or across your back – left shoulder or right shoulder, you can strap it vertically on the left or right side of your back if you are wearing a Molle/pals vest with the snap fasteners that are provided, or you can strap it to either side of your back pack using the same snap fasteners. It has padding all around to protect your shotgun and a grommet in the bottom for water drainage in extremely wet conditions. It is extendable to cater for different barrel lengths and will take a pistol gripped shotgun……………………. What more could you want??????????????

But Wait……….. There’s More!!!!!!! (NO! you dont get 6 free steak knives) But you can get these scabbards in 4 COOL colour schemes -

1) Tactical Black ~ W93/B – to go with your Black SWAT Uniform or your Urban Camo Uniform

2) OD Green ~ W93/G – to go with your “J.G’s” or your Woodland Cammies

3) Desert Tan ~ W93/T – to go with your “2 Colour” (Afghanistan) or Desert Digi Camo Uniform

4) ACU – Digi Cam ~ W93/D – to go with your US ACU Army Digi pattern Uniform

Now the best thing of all is that they are very, very reasonably priced………………….. You will probably want one in every colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Happy in Carting your Shotgun……………………………………… The “Quartermaster”



ATI – AK47 Strikeforce Elite Stock

Hi all you bloggers

Today’s blog is all about my favorite subject again……………. The Wonderfully Versatile AK47 Rifle. (I just love these rifles) You can Kick it, Throw it, Drop it, Submerge it, Freeze it, Run over it, and the Damm thing still keeps going………………….What a COOL gun. – Every one should Own One!!!!! I bet if you run over a Colt or Bushmaster AR15, you wouldn’t expect it to go again. Now I know that there is a bunch of folks out there that are AR15/M16/M-4 nuts……………… Well ATI has come up with a way to combine the best of both worlds, the AR-AK. WTF!!!!!!!!! you might say. We say – “Because We Can” Yes, now you can upskill your favorite AK47 with a Strikeforce Elite Package that will turn your AK into a AR looking AK47. (In my humble opinion) I have to concede that this package turns your rifle into a much more comfortable Shooter and gives you options as to how you want to set it up for the job ahead.

Let’s check out what you get with this package. -

1) You get a choice of 3 colours -

a) Tactical Black ~ Y62…………. To colour co-ordinate with your Black SWAT Gear,

b) Desert Tan ~ Y61 ………………To colour co-ordinate with your Desert Tri-Cam, or Desert Digi Cam Gear

c) Destroyer Grey ~ Y60…………To colour co-ordinate with your Urban Tri-Cam or Naval Digi Cam Gear

2)  You get a choice of Fixed, Non adjustable Butt, for NZ, to comply with NZ regulations, or 6 Position Sliding, Side Folding Butt, for the US, to comply with US regulations. (Their rules on these things are not as “anal” as ours) The butt comes with a adjustable Cheek Rest that has a “Soft Touch”, self adhesive pad on it for extra comfort as well as a new “Scorpion Razorback” Super Soft Buttpad to soak up the recoil. As I said before…………… with this package on your AK, you will be amazed at the difference it will make to the shear comfort of shooting your AR-AK. The 7.62 x 39 round is not a big “Kicker” anyway and with the Strikeforce Elite package on your rifle, it just turns it into a “Dream” to shoot .

3) You get a “Ergonomic” Sure-Grip, Textured Pistol Grip, that is non-slip and so comfortable to hold with the new “Scorpion Recoil” pad on the back of the grip to help soak up even more of the recoil……………………….. This sure is a soft, comfortable pistol grip to hold onto, even in wet conditions. ATI have also included the steel bolt and T-nut in the package as well.

4) You get a fantastic Ventilated, Ribbed Forend (sounds like a dodgy condom, doesn’t it???) The top Gas Tube handguard has a full length Weaver style rail so that you can mount your optics onto. The bottom handguard has 2 x side mounted Weaver style rails (one on each side) for mounting your laser and flashlight onto, and there is one Weaver rail on the bottom that has a sling swivel stud attached.

This great package is made out of Military Grade aluminum and DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer and is manufactured in the USA. So all-in-all you end up getting an even better AK, and a much more comfortable rifle to shoot………………………………………… Check them out on our website

Happy Shooting……………………………. The “AK-Quartermaster”


Tufforce Weaver / Dovetail Mount.

Hi all you Bloggers

I would like to start off by Thanking all of you who have taken the time to read my blogs and publish a positive comment on them. Your thoughts are appreciated and to answer a few queries that you have bought up, I did not build my website or my Blog Spot. I got a IT Tech in to do that for me. I had the original ideas and he put it into reality…………………… (Great Guy) All the information on the blogs are from my 30 plus years of being in the collecting and the shooting industry. As well as my own personal experiences from this.

So……………..Onwards and Upwards as they say. The “Nifty” piece of kit that I want to talk about today is the “Tufforce Adapter Mount” which is to say, a mount that converts your Dovetail (11mm wide) rail on your rifle or airgun to a Weaver (20mm wide) rail. Most rifles, shotguns and pistols made these days have standardized to Weaver / Picatinny  (20mm wide) rails in which to mount your accessories on. Whereas a lot of the older .22 rifles, airguns and some centerfire rifles had Dovetail (11mm wide) rails on. I have come across a very early “BRNO” .22 rifle that had a 16mm rail on it, but I wont go there as this type of rail is fairly rare these days and I dont know where you would get any scope rings to fit this rail.

Enough of the history lesson!!!……………… Well!!!!! you might say, why would I need an adapter for my perfectly good Dovetail Rail???????????????? Good question, as it is still possible to get scope rings, and a few Red Dot Sights, etc that will fit straight on a dovetail rail. The simple reason that an adapter such as this is a good thing to have, is that there is a Sh*t load more accessories that will fit on a Weaver or Picatinny rail, than a Dovetail rail………………………………It’s that simple!!!!!! You have a huge variety of good gear that will fit on any weaver rail, whereas there is not as much choice when it comes to trying to get say a Laser, or a Flashlight to fit on a Dovetail Rail. Not that there is anything wrong with a Dovetail Rail, (we still sell Dovetail Scope Mounts, Dovetail Rails and Dovetail Red Dot Sights) It’s just that the majority of sales these days is based around the 20mm wide Weaver or Picatinny Rail & Mount.

This is where the folks at “Tufforce” come in handy with their adapter mount. This is one TOUGH, SON-OF-A-GUN Mount that is made out of 6061 Aluminum, and is fastened onto your Dovetail rail by 2 Allen Key Grub Screws at each end of the mount. This makes for a Rock Solid fit that wont shift under recoil. It is 125mm (4.9in’s) long which is long enough to fit any scope (large or small) or will fit most tactical flashlights or lasers. One other nice touch with this adapter is that whatever you choose to mount on the top rail, you can still see through the mount to view the Iron Sights of your rifle or pistol. (We call this …………….”PLAN B”) In my humble opinion – This is one of the best adapter mounts on the market today and certainly excellent value for your money. So make sure you tell your wife about these “Nifty” items and she just might slip one or two in your Xmas Stocking this Christmas

Happy Shooting…………………………. The “Quartermaster”

NcStar Rubber SRT Series Scope

Hi Bloggers

Back to something “RUBBER” this time (my favorite subject)……………… This is one of the TOP Scopes from the good folks at NcStar. The SRT Tactical Series Scope. These are a little bit bigger and little bit longer than the Mk III Series Tactical Scopes that I have done a blog on previously, but they are a similar looking scope. One of the nicest things that I like about this scope is……………………….. You Guessed It!!!!!!!!! It’s “RUBBER” coated. I love rubber coated scopes, because they are so tough and user friendly. They can take the knocks and bumps without becoming nicked, scratched or dented and they are also impervious to water, oil or camel sh*t. (DON’T ask me how I know!!!!!……………. DON’T ask me how I know!!!!!)  Just a quick rub over with a cloth and some silicon spray and BINGO!!! a brand new looking scope again.

The second thing that I like about these scopes is that they are a “Dual Purpose” Day & Night scope. You’ve got your normal reticle  for bright day time use, then One Click Clockwise and you’ve got your reticle illumination for those dawn & dusk scenarios, then for night time use you’ve got a Integrated Laser on the left hand side that is fully adjustable for windage & elevation. One Click Anti Clockwise and and it’s on!!! This is just the “BEE’s KNEE’s” for shooting possums or turkeys out of the trees or popping rabbits off at night. Is this just a GREAT SCOPE …………….or What!!!!!!!!!

Now for the really neat technical stuff -

You get a choice of 3 types of reticle when choosing your Rubber SRT Series Scope. 1) Mil-Dot Reticle, 2) P4 Sniper Reticle, 3) Range Finder Reticle (check out my earlier blog for descriptions of these reticles) and they all come with the State-of-the-Art – Blue Illuminated Reticles with multiple brightness settings.

All SRT Series come with Open Target Turrets for super quick adjustment of Windage & Elevation changes, Full Multi-Coated Green Lens for superior light gathering properties, a built-in Angle Cut Sunshade so that you don’t get any give-a-way sun glint off your front glass, flip-up front and rear lens protectors, to keep your lens clean from the dust & dirt and the camel sh*t.

These scopes have an integrated Quick Release Weaver Style Mount that only takes 2.5 sec’s to mount onto your rifle rail and 2 sec’s to dismount from your rail, giving you the same point of aim every time. How’s that for Brilliance??????? The Quick Release mechanism is adjustable for tension and differences of rail dimensions………………………….You gotta love these Quick Release Mounts!!!!!!!!!!!

So all-in-all this is a Serious Tactical Scope that can go on a variety of small bore and full bore rifles. If your job is a high stress, high risk job with incoming rounds, people yelling and screaming, and “SH*T” coming down, you need a scope that can go the distance. Try the SRT Rubber Series……………You wont be disappointed.

Happy Shooting……………………… The “Quartermaster”

Swiss Alpenflage Uniform

Hi to all you dedicated Bloggers.

Today’s Blog is all about something totally different for a change. Today we are going to do “Swiss” (and I don’t mean secret bank accounts or chocolate)  What I’m on about here is the Swiss Leibermuster Kampfanzug Camouflage Uniform, or as we collectors know it the “Alpenflage,” (Fall or Autum) Camouflage Uniform. It was also nicknamed the “Vierfruchtpyjama” (4 fruits pyjamas) Camouflage by the Swiss soldiers. This is one of my most favorite camo uniforms that I like to wear from my uniform collection…………………. Not that it makes me feel Rich & Sweet….. LOL!!! No the main reason is that it is so soft and comfortable. The Swiss seem to make the best of everything.

After WWII the Swiss Army used variations of the German “Heeres Splittermuster 31″ and the “Wehrmachts Sumpfmuster 44″ camouflage patterns for their helmet covers and their shelter halves up until 1955. After that date a new camouflaged combat uniform was trialled and then adopted in 1957 which was the Swiss Leibermuster (body pattern) Uniform. It is a 6 colour camouflage in which the shapes of the various elements are closely based on the SS Leibermuster Uniform while the colours seem to have been inspired by the Czechoslovakian Leibermuster combat uniforms which appeared in the mid 1950′s Over the years since 1957 there have been considerable variations in the colour of the base fabric and a lot of differences in the thickness of the “Black Branches”. Although the “Leibermuster” pattern uniforms are still used by the Swiss Reservists, the general issue of this camouflaged uniform was discontinued in 1993 and was replaced by the Swiss Woodland Camouflage Uniform. Interestingly though, the new camo pattern really only differs in the colours that it uses…………… The shapes used are much the same.

Well enough of the history lesson and onto why I like this uniform. My one is of 1970′s manufacture with the Blunt Ended Epaulettes, in what is referred to as being made out of “Butter-Soft Denim” with vinyl patches over the elbows and knees (for extra strength and waterproofing) and Boy!!! is it nice to wear…………………. so soft and flexible. The Swiss Steel Helmet comes with a Camo Helmet Cover and I have an original Alpenflage Cap as well. The Jacket has a zip-up front with snap studs on a flap that cover the zip. (to keep the cold alpine wind out) and a warm hood on the back of the collar. The “Back Pack” on the back is integrated with the jacket in that it clips onto the jacket so that you dont have back pack straps going over your shoulders. The jacket has so many pockets for mags, gear, water bottles, food, cleaning kits, etc, etc, that you really dont need a Tactical Vest over the top. The pants come with integrated “H”harness or Braces. (this is pretty COOL because your pants will never fall down) They have plenty of pockets as well. One thing these pants have that no other combat pants have (and I stand to be corrected here) is that they have a “Leg Strap” on each leg that I suppose is for grabbing onto like a handle (if your comrade is shot) and lifting or dragging him out of harm’s way.

Anyway, this is what a Swiss soldier looks like in a very nice uniform. The only difference (if you can spot it) is that my gun is not real.

Happy Collecting……………………………. The “Quartermaster”