NcStar Hi-Res Spotting Scope

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Today’s Blog is all about a piece of equipment that is almost forgotten in the shooting industry (I had one for 10 years that never came out of it’s box) Everyone talks about their rifles, their ammo, their clothing, what they have shot, what their latest score was, who’s bought the latest toy, etc, etc. But very few shooters discuss anything about their Spotting Scopes, that’s supposing that they even own one, which most dont. I’m here to let you know just how versatile this piece of equipment can be to a shooter and what the options are.

The good folks at NcStar put out a variety of different models to suit even the fussiest of shooters, from the compact fixed 20 x power right up to the”Monster” 30x – 90x vari power model. The one that I’m interested in discussing with you today is NcStar’s new model, the “High Resolution Series” 20x – 60x Vari Power Spotting Scope ~ P30. This particular model is my all round, top pic for a spotting scope for the following reasons -

1) The main thing that I like about this scope is that it has a Tough, Black, Rubber Armoured, Over-Molded body (there is nothing like a rubber molded body…………Ooopps, sorry – wrong body) This means that you can cart this scope any where in the world, from Forrest to desert, Mountain to sea shore, Stuffed into a pack, or into your (large) pocket, this scope can take the knocks and bangs and still come up with crystal clear vision.

2) This model has a large 60mm Objective, High Quality, Precision Ground, Multi – Coated Lens, to give you a Crisp and Clear Image. Which is essential when you are trying to spot your bullet hole at 300mtrs.

3) Other features are – a built-in, slide-out sunshade on the front end, so you dont give away your position from sun glint off the front lens, which could be handy if the object that you are looking at is not in a friendly frame of mind.

4) Comes with a custom, soft carry case for an over the shoulder or a range bag/pack carry, 2 x lens cap covers, metal tripod, and a specially designed, detachable laser for quick acquisition of your target. Something that is especially handy in low-light conditions.

5) The main body is Nitrogen filled and O-Ring sealed for a Non-Fogging field of view that is shower proof and water proof, and will operate in most weather conditions.

6) Weight is a light 27.8 oz (plus tripod) Length is a compact 14.0 in’s and the lens coating is Green. And last but not least…………… the Hi-Res spotting scope is Very, Very reasonably priced. Check it out on our website.

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Tufforce AK Quad Rail Forend

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Just thought I would do a blog on what I consider is a pretty cool forend. It’s the AK Quad Rail Forend from “Tufforce” and it is one TOUGH MOTHER of a Quad Rail. (can you tell I love Tufforce products eh) When this rail is mounted up properly, it will NOT move. This is as solid as it gets because it mounts to the barrel in two places, not the gas tube. This is a versatile piece of kit as it will fit onto most AK 7.62 x 39 Rifles and their variants, AK Airsoft rifles and even Saiga 7.62 x 39 Rifles. How do I know it fits Saiga’s…………….. One of my customers has just put one on his Saiga 7.62 x 39 rifle and he is rapt, – (Very Happy!) with it.

He had to do a wee modification on his gas tube before it would fit. This is what is needed to do – The Saiga gas tube has a (separate 2nd) sheet metal strengthening tube wrapped around the breech end of the gas tube which makes it a little wider than the standard AK / SKS gas tube by about 2 mm. To fit the Tufforce Quad Rail you will need to trim (file or grind) a little bit off both sides of the gas tube, and, or the inner lip of the Quad Rail to make a snug fit. Or you could put the Saiga gas tube in the vice and gently squeeze the sides in about 2 mm, only at the breech end though.

Once you have fitted it and tightened up all the grub screws, you are pretty much “Good To Go” All that you need to do now is decide what you want it to look like, and for what type of shooting is your Saiga going to be doing. Consider the two following  scenarios  -

1) A short range, Combat, “Shoot & Scoot” CQB Carbine. -

Once you have your “Quad Rail” firmly fixed in place, I would mount a forward grip on the bottom rail for a more secure hand hold. Then I would mount a Red Laser on the right side rail and a flashlight on the left side rail with pressure pad switches, which will give you day and night capabilities. For the top rail I would mount either a Red Dot Sight ~ R10, with 4 different reticle options, or a Red / Green Dot Holographic Sight ~ R34, with 4 different reticle options. This is for a very quick, both eyes open, target acquisition, which is essential in a urban / CQB environment. (Great for Airsoft as well)

2) A med. range, Tactical, “1st Shot Count’s” Sniper Carbine. -

Once you have your “Quad Rail” firmly fixed in place, I would mount a Universal Bipod ~ W10 on the bottom rail, that will give me a really stable platform to be able to pull off those accurate long range shots better. Then I would mount on the top rail a long eye relief “Pistolero” (Scout) Scope ~ B36 in 2x – 7x vari power with illuminated reticle (for those low light shots) I would top the whole package off with a Cheek Rest ~ Y33 on the stock for a better eye – scope alignment.

All the custom bits and pieces are available from the website…………………………………. Happy Hunting

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ATI .303 Monte Carlo Stocks

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Today I am going to expound on a very popular 100+ year old rifle – The Trusty Lee Enfield No1 and No4 Rifles. Almost everyone that has had anything to do with guns of one sort or another, has had a Lee Enfield (or 3) pass through their hands at some stage of their collecting or shooting life. My first rifle when I was 18 yrs old, was a very “Mint” P14 .303 that had been “Sporterized” and from there I accumulated a variety of diferent makes of Enfields. At the time, and I’m talking 30+ years ago there were virtually no synthetic stocks available for the .303 rifle. Nowdays they are everywhere, although I haven’t found one that will fit a P14 model yet. (Maybe someone can help me out with this dilemma .)

Enter a Great Company called ATI Gunstocks USA. (And we at Quartermaster Supplies are their New Zealand Agent) They make synthetic, accessory, Gun Stocks for all sorts of rifles and shotguns and more importantly they make synthetic stocks for both the No1 and the No4 Lee Enfield Rifles. Now you can turn your trusty .303 into a sharp looking hunting rifle by the simple addition of a black synthetic stock, which is Scratch Resistant, Warp Resistant and Water resistant. What that means is that you can still take your favorite .303 out shooting with a tough, scratch resistant stock on, while at home you’ve got a nice set of original wood that you can slip on when you want to display it in it’s War Time originality…………………. Boy! you can tell the “collector” in me coming out here, cant you.

One of the nice things I like about these stocks is that they are patterned after the “Parker Hale” Monte Carlo stock, which has the raised cheek rest on the butt. This makes it easy for your eye to line up with a scope. They also have a Checkered Grip and Forearm to give a non-slip grip in wet weather and the product is made from DuPont Extreme Temperature, Glass Reinforced Polymer, (Which means – “Really Tough S**t” in Kiwi language) These stocks are weighted to help absorb the hefty recoil of the .303 round with a nice thick rubber butt pad on the end to further reduce the felt recoil. You will notice a huge difference in felt recoil from the ATI synthetic stocks as opposed to the Military wooded stock with the solid brass butt pad. – (Your shoulder will Love you)

There are two different models of the ATI .303 Monte Carlo Stocks. – The 1st one is the Enfield No.1 Mk3 (Rear sight on barrel) model ~ Y10, which will fit both the .303 and the .308 model rifles. (It will Not fit the “Long Tom” Rifle) The 2nd one is the Enfield No.4 Mk1, & Mk2 (Rear sight on reciever) models ~ Y11 and will also fit the  Mk5 Jungle Carbine. We have both models in stock so check them out on our website. We have both models in the new “Dark Earth” colour as well. These really look great………………………………………………………….. The Quartermaster.



Vism Heavy Duty Drag Bag

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My subject for today is called a “Drag Bag” I like to think of it as a “Multi Purpose” gun bag. It was designed especially so that if you needed to crawl along, you could drag your rifle bag along behind you, rather than being slung over your shoulder and adding more weight to you while you are on your belly. (it’s hard enough for some of us to crawl along on our bellies without being weighed down with guns as well) Certainly a good concept, although if things were that bad that I had to crawl I think I would be wanting to get the hell out of there as quick as possible. But there are several things that I particularly like about this Gun Bag that I will share with you all.

1) It is made “Big and Tough”……………….. Two of the most essential things that you need if you are going through Mogidishu and Back. Whether you are going to war, or going to the range, you still need to carry your “Special” tools, and this case does that and more. It’s made out of Heavy Duty PVC Nylon material to handle the toughest of climates and is big enough - 115mm long x 320mm high x 100mm wide to be able to accommodate 2 x Scoped Rifles, a S.M.G. and silencer, and 2 x Pistols. Plus there is room for mags for all of the above guns as well and many other things like cleaning rods, cloth, chewing gum, nut bars, Toilet Paper- (essential) Spotting Scope, Etc. Which is why they call it a “Drag Bag” because if you get all this stuff in it you probably wouldn’t be able to lift it anyway. LOL!!!!!

2) All the Zippers are of the Heavy Duty type and Full Length. The main Double Rifle Compartment has “Snap Buttons” as well to doubly secure it shut. All panels are padded to protect your Special Tools, there are 4 zippered external compartments for your S.M.G. and your secondary pieces, as well as the rest of your gear. The main rifle, padded, central divider is removable if needed, and the whole package comes with 2 x Shoulder Straps and a Sternum Strap for around your waist, that allows you to carry this bag like a pack, and a third, full length shoulder strap is also provided for “Across Shoulder” carry. Plus a suitcase style handle in the middle, a drag handle at the end, an ID / Name pocket on the top side, and Molle / Pal straps dotted here and there, to secure even more gear onto the bag……………………………………… This bag has every thing but the Kitchen Sink.

We have these Excellent Gun Bags in either a “Swat Tactical Black” ~ W96B, or a “Army O.D. Green” ~ W96G, colour. So whether you are in a War Zone, just going to the Range, Playing Paintball or Airsofting, This is the Gear Bag to have. Check them out on our website………………………………………………..The Quartermaster.