NcStar Mk3 Tactical Scopes

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I apologize for the absence’s of blogs for the last couple of weeks, but I had been away on holiday. This time I want to expound on the range and quality of the NcStar Mk3 Tactical Series line of Scopes. There is one for every occasion, as they say!!!! Not only are they (in my humble opinion) a good looking, compact, tactical scope, but they have so many things going for them.

1) They are built tough (one piece tube) and can take all sorts of harsh environments, wet or dry, and still come up with the accuracy that you demand of a tactical scope. These scopes are Not designed for a 1000 yd+ Sniper Rifle, they are strictly a combat / tactical scope designed for quick acquisition of targets, from 50 yd’s out to 300 – 400 yd’s, hence they are more a “Assault Rifle” type of scope.

2) You have a choice of 3 different “Reticles” – P4 Sniper, Mil-Dot or Rangefinder. You can go to my website and click on “About Us” and scroll down to check out what each of these reticles look like. My favorite is the P4 Sniper Reticle as the crosses are a little finer than the Mil-Dot which is better at the longer ranges in that they don’t obscure as much of the target. (just personal preference in the end)

3) You get 2 choices of “Mounts” – An integrated Weaver / Picatinny Quick Release mount or a AR15 / M16 Carry Handle mount. I just love those Quick Release mounts, they are so easy to clip on to your rail and once on, they are “Rock Solid” they also have an adjustment screw to allow for any variances in rail width and strength of “Lock Up” It only takes 2 seconds to clip it onto your rail or unclip it off your rail. (Sometimes when the S**T is coming down…….. “Time is of the essence” as they say)

4) They come with all the “Whizz Bang” Technological stuff like – Dual (Red + Green) illuminated reticles (for those difficult low light shots) Multiple brightness settings, Built-in angle cut sunshade on the front (no more give away lens glint), Open target turret adjustment knobs (no more fiddling about with screwdrivers) Full multi-coated lens (for greater clarity & light gathering properties) Lens covers and an extra battery even.

5) You get a built-in “Bullet Drop Compensator” calibrated for the .223 cartridge with a 55 grain bullet which takes even more of the guess work out of your shots. This is not to say that the only rifle this scope is good for is the M16 / AR15 / M-4 type. No, no, no!!!!! I would not hesitate to attach this scope to any AK47 (7.62×39) M14 / FN FAL (7.62×51) or any other assault rifle in whatever calibre. It will work with all mid range calibres.

6) And best of all – You get 5 different magnifications for both the Quick Release Mount and the AR Carry Handle Mount as well as each different reticle model = 30 different Mk3 Tactical Series Scopes. (What more can I say!!!) They come in a Fixed 4 power, a Fixed 6 power, a 1.25x – 4x Vari power, a 2x – 7x Vari power, and a 3x – 9x Vari power. That about covers the field, don’t you think!!!!!

7) Here’s a bonus – You can even use them on your favorite Airsoft (electric or gas) gun as well…………………….. You probably wouldn’t want the 3 – 9 model as this could be construed as a bit of an “Over Kill” LOL.

Anyway, I think the Mk3 Tactical Series scopes are a really well made scope for a really reasonable price……………….. Check them out on our website.


ATI Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount

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One of the nice things about a bolt action military rifle is that they are relatively cheap to buy and reasonably cheap to modify. Take the venerable Russian Mosin -Nagant rifle for instance, you can usually pick them up for around $200 – $400 in NZ..( Bargain) They come in “Refurbished Condition” (which means MINT) complete with bayonet, sling and cleaning kit………………… The only thing missing is the Vodka!!!!!
One of the first things a lot of shooters want to do is put a scope on it and that’s where ATI (Advanced Technologies Institute) products come in handy. As we are their NZ Agent, we stock their scope mount and turn-down bolt handle combo’s. One of the things that I like about the ATI Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount ~ Y13 is that it easily mounts onto the receiver. – some drilling and tapping is needed. (all items are supplied)
But here’s the “Kicker” – Unlike other brands of Mosin-Nagant Scope Mounts, that will only mount a Long Eye Relief Scope, the ATI Mount will take either a Long Eye Relief (Scout) Scope that is mounted forward on the rail, or you can mount an ordinary Eye Relief Scope that is mounted to the rear on the rail…………Your Choice!!!!!!!
This is great because (in my opinion) you can mount a Long Eye Relief (scout) scope on your Mosin-Nagant Short Carbine turning it into a short “Scout Sniper” Carbine and a ordinary Eye Relief Scope on your Mosin-Nagant Long Rifle, turning it into a “Vasily Zaytsev” Sniper Rifle using the same ATI Scope Mount………………… You will probably end up buying 2 mounts – One for each Rifle.
One useful Quartermaster tip – When you are bolting the Scope Mount onto the rear sight, it pays to use Loc-Tite on the screws as the Russian 7.62x54R round is fairly GRUNTY and the recoil tends to loosen the screws otherwise.

Don’t underestimate the Mosin-Nagant rifle as I have owned several long rifles and carbines in the past and have found them to be accurate shooters, especially when you upgrade them with an ATI Scope mount topped off with a decent Scope.

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ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount ~ Y35 - Click Image to Close


FN FAL Quad Rail’s

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Today I want to talk about the “Tufforce” FN FAL Quad Rail ~ G18. Until recently it was very difficult to purchase any accessories for the FN FAL and the SLR L1A1 family of rifles, and what did occasionally come up for sale was so¬† horrendously expensive that you had to think twice about buying it. Tufforce have come to the party with a Weaver / Picatinny Quad Rail Forend that not only looks good but is built super tough out of Aircraft Grade 6061 Hardened Aluminum with a Tough Black Anodized finish. It bolts straight on exactly the same as an original FN or SLR forend (It will fit Both Models)………………..No problem there!!!! And what it is designed to do is Up-Skill your rifle by making it more versatile for whatever the situation is that you are in. Here are a couple of examples that I can think of -

1) Medium Range Tactical Sniper Rifle – By mounting a Bipod on the bottom rail and a short “Scout” long eye relief scope on the top rail……………………… Done!!!!!

2) Close Contact (CQB) Tactical Carbine – By mounting a Front Pistol Grip on the bottom rail, a Red Dot Holo’ Sight on the top rail and a Laser and Flashlight on either side for night or day Op’s……………………. Done!!!!!

“.308 for CQB????? = Good for You,………………….. Bad for Them!!!!!”

Lots of holes all around the Quad Rail keep the heat dissipation at a maximum level which means better shot placement and a cooler front end.

An added bonus with this Quad Rail is that it will fit on all FN FAL, Para FN and SLR L1A1 Airsoft Rifles as well, so you can do the same as the above examples with your Airsoft Rifle.

And they just look great on your rifle, Check out the picture -

TUFFORCE FN FAL / L1A1 QUAD RAIL FOREND ~ G18 - Click Image to Close