Vism – Tactical Vest or Chest Rig?

Greetings All.
Just a quick blog about a couple of NcStar products…………… The Tactical Assault Vest ~ W90. and the Tactical Chest Rig ~ W117 / W118
I have been using both of these for a while now and I must say that for shear comfort and wearability they both are the best that I have come across. (and I have worn a lot of load bearing gear over the years) While I love the Tactical Assault Vest with all it’s pockets and pouches, etc……………… You can stuff a lot of gear into that vest including your secondary weapon, those “On-The-Go Nut Bar’s” (an essential piece of kit) mag loaders, extra BB’s, map, note book and pen, hydration pack, tool kit, mags for your primary and secondary guns, etc,

But I really like the Tactical Chest Rig.
That’s my favorite load bearing piece of kit. It doesn’t hold as much as the Tac. Assault Vest, but unless you are going out for an extended period of time (2 – 3 days or more) you dont need a pile of stuff. The Tac. Chest Rig is just the “Duck’s Nutt’s” for those shoot and scoot missions. It will take 6 x Rifle mags, plus has 2 x large pouches on either side for all the other bits and pieces you might need. If i take a secondary piece I usually like it strapped to my waist so I dont need a cross draw holster. It is adjustable for high up on the chest carry or low down around your stomach / waist carry. Fantastically comfortable for us fuller figures. At only $55.00 each you can afford one in every colour. Try one………….you wont be disappointed.
“The Quartermaster”

“TUFFORCE” Products

As you are probably aware, we are the NZ agents for “Tufforce” products and I really like their range of products. You can check them out by logging on to their website – ……………..We have been trialing a range of their mounts and red dot sights here and the feedback is all pretty good. Their mounts are certainly up there with the best for toughness and precision.
I have personally been testing out the Tufforce Red/Green Tri-Dot Sight ~ G17 on my Airsoft M-4. What I like about this Dot Sight is that it comes with a 2 x magnifier (great for my old eyes) and you don’t have to adjust anything for those longer shots, you just aim on the second Red or Green Dot down. For those extra long (lobbing) shots you can aim on the bottom dot……………… How easy is that!!!!!
Certainly a Fantastic, Compact Dot Sight and all for under $200.00 Just the thing for all urban situations out to 150 mtrs.
It comes with an integrated Weaver (20 mm wide) mount for extra stability, which is exactly what you need when the S**t starts flying.


Quartermaster Supplies are dedicated to all the Shooters, Collectors, Hunters, Airsoft and Paintball Gamers in NZ. One way we do this is by having sales tables at the various gun shows around NZ during the year featuring a variety of our products at show special prices. We have just had the ever popular Otorohanga Antique Arms Gun Show a few weeks ago, which we attend every year (usually the last weekend in Feb) which was a great success.
Our next show will be a first timer for us, it’s the Mainland Arms and Militaria Show. Held at the Riccarton Park Function Center in Christchurch on Sat. 21st July. We are really looking forward to attending this show as a great percentage of our customers come from the Christchurch and South Island Area. So come along and meet us there and check out our show specials. If you want us to bring something specific down for you from our website, just drop us an email and we will arrange it for you. Look forward to catching up with you at the show.

The Quartermaster