NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope

A Very Happy Hunting Month to all you Bloggers and Shooters

The year is chugging along nicely as we move into April now with the Deer Stalkers all getting ready for the “Roar” and hoping to bag that Trophy Head this season. This is the time to think about replacing that old, worn out scope on your Deer Stalking Rifle with a new, good looking, indestructible scope. A couple of Blogs ago I was commenting on the “Bad Boy” NcStar Octagon Series 1.1 – 4x Scope. Well this Blog is about the Bad Boy’s Big Brother, The NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope ~ B71. This scope is a really good all-rounder scope and perfect for Stag Hunting in the bush.

When you do most of your hunting or shooting in rough bush with visibility of 50mtrs out to 300mtrs then the NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope ~ B71 is the scope to seriously consider for your rifle for a couple of reasons. First is that you really don’t need a 10-40 powered scope for this type of shooting as it is an “overkill” because it narrows your field of vision down substantially. Secondly, you don’t want to be lugging a $5000.00 scope around in the bush, banging it into things and scratching the Sh*t out of it. Thirdly, a Rubber Armoured Scope is much more able to take the knocks and bumps and still look good.

Lets face it, hunting in the NZ bush is a fairly tough exercise on the best of days, let alone the wet days with mud up to your crutch. This is the time when a Rubber Armoured Scope really comes into it’s own as you can sluice the mud & crap off it, rub it over with a silicone cloth and “Voila” looks like new again…………………….You Beaut!!!

The NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope ~ B71 has some pretty unique features, like the Rubberized, Octagonal (8 sided) Profile which makes it stand out amongst other scopes and gives the scope a tough, invincible look about it. Also the Rheostat Knob is off-set to the left at a 45 Deg angle to make it easier to “flick on the lights” when you need them.

Magnification for this “Bad Boy” is a standard 3x-9x Vari Power with a quick action, “Twist Ring” to zoom it from 3x power up to 9x power in 1/2 a second. The Mil-Dot Reticle is a Dual Illuminated (Red or Blue) Reticle for those early morning or late dusk shots. Each colour has multiple brightness settings to choose from and a “Quick-Focus” eyepiece with fully multi coated lenses.

One bonus is that this scope comes with standard 30mm Scope Rings (included) so it doesn’t need special octagonal rings. Batteries (CR2032 Lithium) Mounting Tools and Flip-Up Lens Covers are also included.

So………….What are we waiting for??? Let’s check out the spec’s on this “Bad Boy”

Reticle – Mil-Dot

Magnification – 3x-9x Vari power

Objective Diameter – 40mm

Tube Diameter – 1in (25mm)

Outer Rubber Armor Diameter – 30mm

Field of View @ 100yds – 30.4ft (at 3x power) to 9.9ft (at 9x power)

Eye Relief – 4.3in – 3.4in

Weight – 17.7oz

Length – 12.7in

Click Value – 1/4 MOA

So Then………………In my humble opinion, would I put one of these scopes on my rifle, – “You Bet!!!” Well, what are you waiting for???? Go get yours now!!!


Happy Hunting………………………..The “Quartermaster”

NcStar Octagonal Scope Mil Dot.2


Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster

Happy Chinese New Year to all you Bloggers and  Shooters

Well here we are, at the end of Feb already and just getting into the celebrations to kick off the Chinese New Year in style. Which is  more than the Ukrainians are getting at the moment……………..(Poor Buggers) Sounds like the Russians are regretting the decision they made a few decades ago and are looking to take back the old Soviet Satellite Countries again, starting with the Ukraine. What we need to do is send in the “Expendables” Team. They will sort those “Russkies” out in no time. (I should know, I’ve seen them do it on the movies twice, ha ha ha.)

I’ve been talking in the last few Blogs about all the new and exciting accessories that can be bought for your favorite toys these days and this next one is no exception. It is the Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100*. This is one of the few truly, totally, ambidextrous holsters that can be used on either hip, thigh, back or chest, on either side. So if you are a dedicated “South Paw” or a “Lefty” or you like to carry 2 pistols (one on each side) then these are the holsters for you.

If you are going to carry a sidearm or 2, around for whatever mission you are doing, then one (sorry 3) of the most important things to take into consideration is: a) Is it comfortable to wear, b) does the rig stay stable (or does it flop around) when you move & c) does it keep my sidearm secure. So if you can tick all 3 box’s then this is a good start to selecting a Combat Holster. If you have to wear a sidearm for any extended time, ie: 8hr’s plus a day, then the “Bitch Better Be Comfortable” as they say. Who wants to wear something that you have to keep adjusting and fiddling with all day……………..I’ve had one of those and it is a Bloody nuisance. So you definitely want a holster that is so comfortable to wear, that you don’t know you have it on.

The next thing is – does your Holster Rig stay stable when you move. Now lets face reality here, in a battle zone there is lots of movement of all types, Jumping up, Jumping down, Rolling over, Crawling about, Running, Crouching, Sitting, Lying down on your Back & Front. Have I missed any types of movement…………Probably. So anything that is fitted onto your belt or your chest rig has to be able to take a lot of movement and yet still remain a stable platform. There is nothing that “Pisses” me off more than a holster that flap’s around and bangs into your leg (or Chest) all day long………….Worse than a nagging wife!!! You want a holster that “Shut’s Up” and stays in one place.

The other thing that you need in a holster is “Security” which means that when you reach for your pistol, you know that it’s going to be there for you, not………..”Where the F**k did that drop out” This usually happens at a most inopportune time, like when your Primary Weapon has just run out, a quick grab for your Secondary Weapon, hand comes up empty……………..Oh, Bugger!!! This could be nasty (for You) So Security of your sidearm is a definite must when choosing a holster.

The good folks at Vism/NcStar have done extensive research into what makes a good holster and have come up with the “Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100*” This Innovative, Ambidextrous, Modular, Molle Holster is fully configurable  for most full size and compact Pistols, with or without fitted tactical Flashlights or Lasers. It has a concealed Grid of eyelets that can be threaded/configured to fit various sizes and shapes of pistols, (how innovative is that???) and can also be Custom Configured to fit around most accessories mounted onto the frame of your pistol. All extra Tube Spacers and Bungee Cords are supplied.

Whereas most holsters will only have 1 x Pistol Retention Device, the Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100* has 4 x different Pistol Retention Devices to keep your pistol secured in your holster…………….Whoo Hoo!!! How safe is your Pistol now??? You get a Hammer Thumb-Break, Snap Fastener which is fully adjustable, a Grip Retention Bungee Cord with Quick Pull Tab, a 1″ Nylon Grip Retention Strap with Quick Connect Buckles and (Get This!!!) a 1″ Webbing Strap with Snap Fastener for your Pistol Muzzle Stop……….. No more sitting down and having your Pistol Muzzle digging into the ground and clogging up with dirt.

This Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100* is covered on both sides with Molle so it can be configured for a left hand or a right hand draw and also makes it easy to be attached to other Molle Compatible Gear as it comes with 2 x removable Molle Belt Straps with Snap Fasteners.

I’ve saved the best to last – You can have this amazing holster in 5 x different colours: 1) Desert Coyote Tan, 2) SWAT Black, 3) ACU Digi Camo, 4) Viet Nam Green and 5) Urban Assault Grey. Now you can Colour Co-ordinate your Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100* to your own Tactical Set-Up………………..You Beaut!!!!!

Top Holster, Reasonable Price………………What more can I say!!!!!

A Secure Pistol is a Happy Pistol………………………………The “Quartermaster”Vism Ambidexterous Digi Camo HolsterVism Ambidexterous Green HolsterVism Ambidexterous Tan HolsterVism Ambidexterous Black Holster





NcStar Octagon Series 1.1-4x Scope.

A Very Happy New Year to all you shooters and Bloggers

Well here we are in Feb 2015, (I have been on holiday for the last month so no Blogs for Jan.) The planet hasn’t Crashed yet so all is well. No Volcanic Eruptions, No Tsunami’s, No Major Earthquakes, No Asteroid Crashes…………………Whew!!! looks like we are going to survive another year. We could say that 2015 is a year of change in that there are a huge amount of new and exciting accessories that have been invented for guns and equipment. No longer do we have to settle for the Same Old, Same Old Gear anymore. we now have heaps of really “Sh*t-Hot” Good Quality, Accessories to choose from.

Talking of which………………….Have you heard about the New Octagon Scope Series from NcStar????? Whoo Hoo!!! now you don’t have to put up with just boring Round Scopes anymore. This Scope is the latest “Sh*t-Hot” accessory from the good folks at NcStar in Zombie Land for your tactical rifle. The NcStar Octagon Series Scope ~ B72, certainly has the “WOW” Factor as it looks quite different from other scopes with it’s new unique styled, “Octagon” Shaped, Rubber Armoured, scope body which makes this scope pretty near indestructible.

The NcStar Octagon Series Scope ~ B72 has a Variable Magnification of 1.1x – 4x Power which makes this scope ideal for all Tactical Combat Rifles. (Not designed for long range sniper rifles) This would be a great scope for shooting from 50yd’s out to 250yd’s and is small enough to go onto practically any Tactical Assault Rifle that has a Weaver Rail. It would also be a great scope to go onto an Airsoft or Paintball Rifle as the max.- 4x power is more than sufficient for their range of shooting and will take the hits without breaking anything.

The NcStar Octagon Series Scope ~ B72 comes with a Off-Set, 45 deg, Rheostat Knob that turns on your illuminated reticle for all your Low-Light (Zombie Time,) Shooting. You have a choice of a Red Reticle or a Blue Reticle with multiple brightness settings for each colour. (How’s that for Sh*t-Hot???) It has Multi-Coated Lens and a Quick-Focus Eyepiece for a crystal , clear image as well as “Flip-Up” Lens Covers for maximum lens protection. This is another good reason why this scope will be perfect for Airsoft & Paintball Rifles as well.

This scope comes with a set of Extra Strong 30mm Weaver Rings to keep your scope “Rock Solid” under all circumstances and a spare battery so that “Murphys Law” doesn’t let you down at the most in-opportune moment. The reticle is a simple “Mil-Dot” illuminated reticle, that is ideal for quick acquisition of targets and is easy to operate………………”Put dot on target and squeeze trigger………….Job Done!!!

So lets check out the technical details -

1) Objective Diameter – 20mm

2) Tube Diameter – 30mm

3) Field of View @ 100yd’s – 82.7ft – 22.5ft

4) Eye Relief – 3.3in’s – 3.9in’s

5) Weight – 13.8oz

6) Length – 9.6in’s

7) Click Value – 1/2 M.O.A.

8) Lens Coating – Green

So if you are in the market for something a little different from the ordinary and built like the Proverbial “Brick Sh*t House” then this good looking, Bad Boy Scope is the one for you. (anything Rubber Armoured is good in my books.)

Happy Hunting……………………..The “Quartermaster”

NcStar Octagonal Scope Mil Dot. Compact


NcStar Broken Shell Extractor

A Warm Xmas Greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters.

It’s that time of the year when we all get a dose of the “Warm & Fuzzys”, “Peace & Goodwill”, “Happiness & Good Cheer”, Strawberries & Champagne” to all…………………….. Horse Shit!!!!! Tell that to the folks in Syria, Afghanistan, The Congo, South Africa, Ukraine, Pakistan, Iraq, and all those other countries that are experiencing civil unrest. Not much Warm Xmas Cheer there. Santa would have to have a couple of G.E. Mini Guns strapped to his slay if he was going to deliver any Xmas Prezzies in those countries. The only time you would get the Warm & Fuzzy feeling (in one of those countries) is with a Hot, Smoking AK in your hands.

So, it would pay not to holiday on “Planet X” this Xmas, where all those countries reside. Back to the Real World where we law abiding, civil people reside though, there is a “Plan B” little tool that everyone should have in their “Just-In-Case” Kit. This could save you from a whole lot of “Horse Shit” coming down on your head if things decided to turn bad. When you are in the middle of a Fire Fight and then all of a sudden you pull the trigger and all you get is a “CLICK!”…………..(No Bang) You quickly turn your AK, FN, or M-4 to the side to discover that your extractor has just ripped the head of a fired case and jammed a new round into the rest of the case that is left in your breech. What do you do?

I can hear you say………………”WTF can I do now!!!” Then you have a “Light Bulb” moment, when you remembered that you had bought a “Plan B” piece of kit off the Quartermaster…………..A NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129! …………..Problem Solved!!! A quick flick to get the live shell out of the breech, throw in the NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129, slam the bolt forward and then grab the charging handle and pull it back hard, extracting the split case at the same time…………….Job Done! You are back in action again. Otherwise you are sitting around (in the middle of a fire fight) with your finger up your bum holding only a Club……………Not a good look.

Even if you are just down at the range shooting some reloaded cases, the same thing could happen, and (just like insurance) for a very small monetary outlay, you are fully covered. The NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129 has just saved the day. It certainly beats putting your jammed rifle back into it’s gun bag, and going home cursing to yourself about Crap Ammo and no one having a Broken Shell Extractor handy.

Now for the really great news……………….The NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129 comes in 3 of the most popular calibers -

1) AK/SKS Rifles – 7.62×39 Cal. ~ W129. Weight – 0.5oz.

2) AR15/Mini 14 Rifles – 5.56×45 Cal ~ W130. Weight – 0.3oz.

3) FN/M14 Rifles – 7.62×51 Cal ~ W131. Weight – 0.7oz.

All manufactured from High Grade Steel and will fit easily into any pouch or gun bag.

So the morale of the story is – “Don’t get caught with your pants down around your ankles” always have a “Back Up Plan”

Happy Festive Shooting………………………………..The “Quartermaster”


NcStar AK & SKS Broken Shell Extractor

NcStar 3 x Dot Magnifier

A Big Xmas Howdy all you Bloggers and Shooters from the “Quartermaster”

Yep, we are nearly there now, Santa has my new toys all packed and ready to go, summer is coming, looks like it is going to be a great Xmas this year. I hope also that Santa is Stuffing your Stockings full of goodies from the Quartermasters Website Store and that all you Bloggers and Shooters are getting plenty of Shooting, Airsoft and Paintball Gaming  in before the holidays. I’ve heard tell from the Big Red Man himself that the vast majority of presents this year are either Infectious Disease Suits or Guns and Tactical Gear. (or both) ………….W.T.F!!!!!

So! you might be asking yourself……………What the Hell is next year going to bring!!! We know for a fact that there are certain places in this world that are not what you would call “Great Holiday Spots” my only concern is that these “Don’t Go To” places seem to be increasing, so What The Hell is going on??? Which brings me to a new little item that could make your view of things a little clearer. This is the NcStar 3 x Optic Magnifier ~ R50. Finally we have something for those shooters that use a Dot Sight of some sort and would like a bit more magnification for those slightly longer shots.

We all know that using a “Dot Sight” is a very fast way to acquire your target and is designed primarily for close in, multiply target scenarios,  now attaching a NcStar 3 x Optic Magnifier ~ R50 behind your “Dot Sight” (either Tube or Reflex sight) this will give you more range from your sight. What this means in real terms is that you will be able to use your “Dot Sight” to see your target at greater distances and the dot wont have a tendency to obscure your target. So now you can use your “Dot Sight” like a small Tactical Scope and it can be put on in seconds, (or taken off in seconds if the Zombies get that close)

Lets check out the Spec’s of this great little item.-

1) 3 x Magnification for clearer target identification

2) Manufactured from tough Aircraft Grade Aluminum

3) Comes with a Black Anodizing color

4) A 30mm Tube that comes with Ring Mount

5) Overall Height – 2.7in (with ring)

6) Overall Length – 4.6in

7) Overall Weight – 8.6oz (with ring)

8) Prismatic Lens that provides a super sharp, clear image with a rubber “Quick Focus” ring

9) A Vertical and a Horizontal adjustment Knobs for sighting in your “Dot”

With one of these items you can now give your “Dot Sight” a “Longer Pair Of Legs” so to speak which in turn will give you a Tactical Advantage, which could mean the difference between – “Taking the Hit” or “Making The Hit” ……………Check them out on my Website.

Wishing you all a Very, Merry and Happy Xmas for 2014………………………The “Quartermaster”


NcStar 3x Magnifier

NcStar 3 Rail Tri-Colour Dot Sight

A Very Warm Pre-Xmas Welcome, to all you Bloggers and Shooters

Well it looks like Xmas is nearly upon us, and if you look out of the window, you will see that “All Is Well” (despite what the Media tell us) So it looks like there will be No Pandemic, No Armageddon, No World War III, No Zombie Takeover, No Alien Invasion, No Solar Flare, No Mega Tsunami, No Riots, and No Mass Shootings this year………………………Bugger!!!!! it’s going to be another real, quiet Xmas. Oh well! that means there will be time to brush up on the things you like doing best…………….Shooting, Gaming or Collecting.

This brings me to today’s new subject of discussion, which is a nifty little Tactical Dot Sight designed especially for your Flat Top AR Rifle, although in saying this, the NcStar 3 Rail Tri-Colour Dot Sight ~ R56 will fit onto any Weaver or Picatinny Rail on any Rifle, Shotgun, Paintball or Airsoft gun. It has a built in Integrated Riser that lifts the sight up by 1.5in to compensate for a Standard AR Triangular Front Post sight and incorporates a See-Through, Iron Sight, Tunnel, which is great if you run out of battery and the Dot disappears.

One “Cool” thing about the NcStar 3 Rail Tri-Colour Dot Sight ~ R56, is that it has 2 x side mounted Weaver Rails and one top mounted Weaver Rail, this gives you the option of adding some Tactical Accessories on to your Dot Sight to give you 24 hr, Night & Day capabilities, ie: 2 x High Lumen touches on either side (to instantly turn night into day) and a compact Laser mounted on the top rail. Now you’ve got one Heck of a Zombie Hunting setup. It’s also a fantastic Rabbit or Possum hunting set-up as well if you are into night shooting.

As with most Non-Magnifying (1 x) Red Dot Sights you get an Unlimited Eye Relief, that gives you very flexible mounting options so that you can mount it close up to your eyes or you can mount it down over the barrel for a long eye relief view. The large Rheostat Knob on the top is the ON/OFF switch for turning the Dot on or off and also doubles as a Brightness Level Switch giving you 3 levels of brightness for each of the coloured Dots. Being a Tri-Coloured Sight means you get a Blue Dot, a Green Dot, or a Red Dot at the click of a switch.

The whole package comes with “Bikini Style” Lens Covers, an extra battery, and mounting tools. You’ve got Windage & Elevation Knobs for sighting it in with water proof caps, the Dot Size is a serious 4.5 MOA and the LED (light emitting diode) is 100% safe for your eyes. The battery is a 3 Volt, CR2032 Lithium Flat Button Battery that is readily available from any Dick Smith, Camera Shop or Supermarket so stock up on a few of these as well.

The Tube Diameter is made from 34mm Aircraft Grade Aluminum with an Objective Diameter of 26mm, and the front lens has a Platinum Coating for a Crystal Clear Image. Weight is a very light – 12.8oz and a Length of only 4.2 oz. (light and short is good) Each click of the Windage And Elevation Knobs is 1 MOA. So in summing up this is a really great little Dot Sight that is ideal for a Tactical Carbine, perfect for those Quick Action, Close in, Targets………………….Check them out on our website.

Happy Hunting……………………………..The “Quartermaster”


NcStar 3 Rail Red Green & Blue Dot Sight


Vism Micro Green Dot/Laser Combo

Welcome back to the Quartermaster Blog again

With the Ebola Death Toll mounting every day and people with the disease popping up in lots of countries now, one has to be a little careful about when and where one intends to travel these days. The last thing you want to bring back with you is a case of Zombie-itis and then get caught coming through immigration and end up being put in isolation till you die………………….Not a good way to start your day in your home country!!! So lets check out the latest piece of Zombie Insurance on the market today.

What I’m talking about is a very small, lightweight, Dot Sight and Laser Combo that is new to the market from the good folks at NcStar/Vism back there in Zombie land. It’s  the Vism Micro Green Dot & Red Laser Combo ~ R57. This is one heck of a lightweight combo if I have ever seen one, (and I’ve seen a few) weighing in at only 3.8oz. In times of emergency………… cant beat LIGHT! at any other time …………….Light Is Good! especially if it is you that ends up carrying it.

What this Vism Micro Green Dot & Red Laser Combo ~ R57 gives you is a 24hr, night & day Tactical Advantage over Iron Sights and Straight Scopes. It gives you a faster acquisition of targets, day or night using the bright Green Dot Reflex Sight for your daytime targets and using the Red Laser for night time targets. So you get the best of both worlds (so-to-speak) with this sight………………Did I mention that it’s “Light” as well???

Ok. Lets check out the Tech Data on this Beaut little Sight. -

1) You get an Ultra Bright 3 MOA Sized Green Dot, with 5 different brightness settings that comes with Windage & Elevation adjustment knobs.

2) You get an integrated, independently adjustable, Red Laser with a power rating of 635 -655nw which also comes with Windage & Elevation adjustment screws.

3) The body is manufactured from hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum and has a single Rheostat knob on the side that controls both the Green Dot and the Laser.

4) The Magnification is 1 x with an objective lens diameter of 25mm, a short overall length of 2.44in’s and a multi coated lens colour of Platinum.

5) This whole package comes with an integrated Weaver Mounting System that will fit most Weaver or Picatinny Rails, and get this……………………….It’s Bloody Light!!! only 3.8oz’s.

So if you are after a ultra compact, Dot Sight/Laser Combo for your Primary Combat Weapon, Check this baby out, you wont be disappointed. The added bonus here is that you can mount this dot sight onto your Shotgun, your Pistol, your SMG and it will also mount onto your Airsoft and Paintball Guns………………….How about That!!! Check it out on our website.

Happy Hunting……………………………The “Quartermaster”

Vism Micro Green Dot & Laser














NcStar Green Dot with Red Laser Sight

A very warm Spring Greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters

Well it certainly has been a while since I last did a blog, so I thought it might be a good idea to put “Pen To Paper” (so-to-speak) and rustle up some great new items to discuss with everyone. With the threat of Ebola and the Zombie Apocalypse looming over us all, it is probably a good time to practice up on our accuracy for Head Shot shooting in the near future, and what better way than with a Green Dot/Red Laser Combo on your Tactical Zombie Killing Machine. If this pandemic takes hold in any country, there is going to be a lot of crazies running around causing mayhem so it pays to have a little, back-up “insurance”

One of the latest items from the folks at NcStar in Zombie-land that we are going to talk about is the NcStar Armoured 3 Rail Sighting System ~ R49. At first glance, this Dot Sight looks like a really sturdy looking piece of kit with its armoured 3 rail housing that encapsulates the sight and is detachable if needed. This armoured cover is an absolute bonus if you have to use your rifle like a club on the Zombies as it will protect your Dot Sight/Laser from the harshest of conditions and the knocks and bumps of the battlefield.

The NcStar Armoured 3 Rail Sighting System ~ R49 is basically a Green Dot Reflex Sight with an Integrated Red Laser combined with a 3 Rail Armoured Cover…………………..You Beaut!!! This is definitely one heck of a Compact Optical System that is packed with a great many features. You can have your Green Dot as your primary targeting system and your Red Laser as your secondary targeting device, that gives you 24 hour, Day & Night capabilities.

With the NcStar Armoured 3 Rail Sighting System ~ R49 you can use the Green Dot Sight or the Red Laser individually or you can have the option of using them both at the same time which is great in Low Light conditions. The Red Laser is just the thing for quick, close in, point shooting at night, and in low light buildings or houses. This combo sight will fit onto most Weaver or Picatinny Rails with it’s Auto-Locking, Quick Release Mount which incorporates a Rail Tension Adjustment Screw for a more secure fit to your Rail.

So lets see how much “Bang” you get for your “Buck”- First off and one of the great things about this sighting system is that you get unlimited eye relief plus excellent peripheral vision as it is a “Both Eyes Open” sight, that gives you very quick target acquisition. Dont forget the tough, black anodized aluminum construction with a toughened amoured hood for the really rough missions. The integral Red Laser is fully adjustable for windage and elevation as is the Green Dot, that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation as well. (No Excuse for Missing then)

The Green Dot has 5 brightness settings to accommodate every daylight situation, with quick action, increase and decrease intensity buttons and uses a long life, 3 volt, Lithium CR123A  battery (which is included) This battery powers the Red Laser as well. The battery compartment is located in the front of the unit and needs no tools to screw on or off, The Class IIIa Laser has a max. output of <5mW with a wavelength of 635 – 655 Power Output, and a power operating voltage of 4.5 DC.

Attached to the Armoured Cover are 2 Side Mounted Weaver Rails that are 80mm long, and 1 Top Mounted Weaver Rail, also 80mm long. These will take any accessories that you wish to mount onto them like Flashlights or Compact Tactical Scopes, etc. The Green Dot size is 2 MOA, which is not too big and not too small………………….(Just right for those Zombie Heads) So my comrades, check out the picture below and all rush off and get one.

Happy Hunting……………………….The “Quartermaster”


NcStar 3 Rail Armoured Dot Sight




ATI Sling Loop-Spacer

A Warm Winter Greeting to all you Shooters and Bloggers out there

We are working our way through winter in a timely fashion and looking forward to some finer, warmer days where it is more pleasant to do our favorite sport of shooting. In the mean time I have come across a small item of interest that I will discuss with you today. In the world of shooting (whether for pleasure or job) small things can often make a huge difference to the running of things. What I mean by this is that in the business of being able to carry your rifle or shotgun around, there are several ways to accomplish this……………..some more comfortable than others.

Lets take the ATI Sling Loop-Spacer ~ Y91 as an example, a very small item that makes carrying your rifle or shotgun a whole lot more comfortable, plus makes it ready to use in an instant and you get the ability to swap between your “Primary” and your “Secondary” a lot quicker which can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. The ATI Sling Loop-Spacer ~ Y91 fits on your ATI Strikeforce Butt Stock Tube at the Breech end and can be fitted either way round which means you can have your sling on the left side or the right side of the weapon.

If you are a Hunter (of game) chances are you probably wont need a ATI Sling Loop-Spacer ~ Y91 on your rifle as most of the time getting to and fro from your hunting zone you only need to sling your rifle, casually over your shoulder. If though you are in a situation that requires you to be constantly ready to shoot, because either the Zombies are roaming around near you or you are in a war zone with lots of “Pissed Off” people looking to shoot you, then having a Single Point Sling with Bungee is the most comfortable and quick way to carry your rifle or shotgun at the ready, yet still be able to transition to your sidearm quickly if necessary.

The ATI Sling Loop-Spacer ~ Y91 will fit on all ATI Talon Tactical Stocks and AR15 Type Stocks. It is manufactured in the U.S. from High Strength Steel so you can be assured that your Single Point or Two Point Slings will be firmly attached to your weapon.

Comes with a Matt Black Powder Coating and can be utilized for a Left Hand or a Right Hand attachment and will accept all types of Single or Two Point Slings.

You can check them out on our website.

Happy Hunting……………………………The “Quartermaster”

ATI Single Point Loop Spacer





ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mount

A Wet, Wintery, Welcome to all you Shooters and Bloggers

Looking out my window the weather reminds me of a bad day at the Somme, (without the explosions from the Artillery shells though) so it is a good time to put pen to paper and talk about something that has been around for over 100 years. We have all heard of the German made Mauser line of rifles that were invented by Paul Mauser and his brother Wilhelm Mauser. Their rifle was accepted by the Prussian Government in Dec. 1871 and put into service with the Prussian Army in Feb. 1872. Their rifles went on to equip the German Armies in both world wars and several other countries copied them as well in a variety of calibers. In fact the Mauser rifle has been used in most major conflicts, in one form or another, around the world up until today.

That certainly is a testament to the ruggedness and reliability of the Mauser Rifle. The GEW98 and the K98 Mauser Rifles also make good sniper rifles as well as excellent hunting rifles, their 7.92 (8mm) x 57 cartridge is big enough to knock most game down easily. Most of you collectors and shooters these days, will at some time have owned at least 1 or 2 Mauser’s, and usually if one is good enough to be a shooter then that is the one you usually like to “scope-up” to get a little more accuracy out of it. This is where the good folks at ATI have stepped up to the challenge with their ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mount ~ Y36, for all “Large-Ring” Mauser’s. (it wont fit the Swedish Mauser or Small Ring Mauser’s though)

“Wunderbar” you might say, now you can scope-up that old Mil-Spec Mauser that has been gathering dust in the back of your gun cabinet, which in turn might make you a little keen to take it out to the range and put a few rounds though it………………Which is always a nice experience!!! Now if you are going to put one of these ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mounts ~ Y36 on to your Mil-Spec Mauser, there are a few things you should know about before you start.

The first (and most important) thing is that while the modifications don’t require a gunsmith, they do require a certain level of skill with a Dremil or a chisel and a file as you have to remove some of the wood from the inside of the stock, just in front of the Barrel Lug so that the barrel clamp that is supplied can fit in snuggly without any sideways slop. This has to be done first as the Scope Mount bolts on to the clamp at that end.

The second important thing to remember is that if you are fitting this mount to a “Straight Bolt” or a “Wide-Arc” Bolt Mauser, like for eg – a GEW98 Mauser, then you will need a Bent Bolt Conversion fitted, otherwise your bolt will hit the scope when you try to lift the bolt up and if you try to force it you will probably end up smashing your scope………………..Not a good look in the middle of a firefight. Luckily for you, Quartermaster Supplies has a good supply of Bent Bolt Conversion Kits in stock…………….Just check them out on my website.

So, if you have done all that, it is just a matter of fitting the scope mount and bolting it down so that it wont move under recoil. A handy little tip you can use is to put a drop of “Lok-Tite” on the threads of the grub screws, that will lock them all in place and they wont come loose with the fairly substantial recoil from the 7.92 (8mm) cartridge. (Tip #2) If you don’t have any Lok-Tite in your workshop, you can use the Wife’s or the Girlfriends “Nail Vanish” and it doesn’t matter what colour either. Just paint a little on the Screw Threads and then do them up and it will set in place……………….You Beaut, Kiwi Ingenuity!!!!!

All of the installation instructions come with the ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mounts ~ Y36 so you wont get caught short on anything. Now you can transform your old Mil-Spec Mauser into a “Tack-Driving, Sniper Rifle” that can punch holes in Zombie heads at 900mtrs or simply bag that Deer for the freezer out at 600mtrs.

Happy Hunting……………………..The “Quartermaster”

ATI Mauser Scope Mount